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How often do YOU smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. This is all I'm wondering, how often do other tokers on here smoke?
    I smoke a good 3 bowls a day, when classes start up I usually make it less.
    Doesn't matter this year afternoon classes :hello:
  2. uhmmm 10 times, if I hang out with a shit ton of people though.. well i'm just not sure from there sir
  3. Usually somewhere around ten bowls a day. Sometimes more. Sometimes less.
  4. i dont really pay attentionvso i forget how many ive had after the first 3 bowls or so of my daily wake n bake :D :p
  5. Haven't smoked in a month and won't smoke until mid November most likely.
  6. It kinda varies, when schools goin on, then maybe a couple times a week. This summer? usually multiple times a day.
  7. One to mant times :p
  8. I smoke 3-6 times a day, 1-3 bowls or a blunt each time... 3 bowls a day is usually my minimum.
  9. Usually around 12 bowls a day, or less bowls and a jay/blunt.
  10. 2-7 times a day. Anywhere from 4-20 bowls.
  11. Id say i smoke around 3 - 12 seperate times a day, how many bowls or joints in each session vary on how stoned i want to be at the time
  12. [quote name='"LSDForPeace"']2-7 times a day. Anywhere from 4-20 bowls.[/quote]

    I like your bowl range number


  13. Heheh ;)
  14. I would say 3-7 times depending on what I'm doing that day.

    ^ Truth, when you have friends over you just lose track after awhile.
  15. 3 times a week
  16. All day long. I start out with a bowl on my way to work, a bowl at work, a joint on the ride home, 2 dabs when I get home, then another 2 bowls while I play video games all morning. 2 dabs after lunch, a joint in the growroom, and another bowl or two before I go to sleep.

    Today I'm on a joint kick, my first one weighed 2g

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  17. i smoke all day from when i wake up usually burn through an 1/8th more if im with someone
  18. Every day. When i smoke with zero tolerance i only need one hit with one and done, but after about a month i need a bowl to get to the same high as the one hit.
  19. 5 to 15 bowls a day, average probably 10.

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