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How often do you guys get seeds in your sack?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by derpdapimp, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I`ve been smoking a quarter ounce a week ever since i was 12, I recall this one time I got one seed in my sack at the age of 15. Other than that, I haven't ever experienced seeds. How common is it in your area? I live in T.O. btw.
  2. Not common at all. Pretty rare actually. I've been smoking dank for 5 years+ and the only time I ever found seeds they were immature. 6 seeds in a quarter of Sour Diesel and 1 seed in a quarter if Blue Dream. Other than that all the weed over here is usually seedless so if you find one you better plant it!
  3. What no bud pics?
  4. I wont take any but I'll post this old one.

    Attached Files:

  5. Ive gotten a few premi ones out if some og and a few dark ones in sour d. Throwin them un the ground for shits and giggles
  6. And can i add....the title made me lol
  7. I think in my 6+ years of smoking i've found maybee 2-4 seeds. One of them turned into a really nice plant.
  8. I used to get seeds pretty often from the first dealer I started buying from. Now I'm buying from a couple of guys with much better bud and I never find a seed, maybe a stem here and there but it's no biggie considering they stuff their bags with dank.

    I don't want to steal the thread from the OP but have any of you guys ever planted one? and if so how did that work out?
  9. ^ read the post above you
  10. Pretty rare, but I love seeing how magestic the seed looks wraped inside the bud.
  11. [quote name='"AlkaSeltzer"']^ read the post above you[/quote]

    Lol I couldn't see your post till after my post but cool I might try that once I start living alone
  12. I hardly ever find seed.
  13. Haven't seen a seed since high school.
  14. very very if i got the last of the batch and there was shake.....i dont get seeds any more unless i order them
  15. [quote name='"kayakush"']i dont get seeds any more unless i order them[/quote]

    I like that.
  16. Nope but its dank. Ive rarely seen seeds in dank if you get mids especially in weight thats when you find seeds.
  17. Extremely rare.
  18. Yeah I hate it when I get seeds in my sack. Make's my balls itch. :D

    OK, I often get seeds when I buy mids which I cook with or use as filler to stretch my dank. Never gotten a seed in high dollar weed.
  19. I've seen a ton of seeds. Around here you can always get mids with more seeds then bud for like 60/oz, kb for around 200, and the good stuff for around 300.
  20. pretty much never.

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