How often do you guys cycle between Water and Feeding?

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  1. I was thinking about alternating between water and feeding. But should I be feeding more often than just watering?

    Thx for any insights
  2. I feed with every watering, and feed 2x a day.
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  3. I feed every watering but I'm still experimenting today im gonna water but only use budcandy and mother earth tea. If you feed every watering don't over do it. good luck :wave:
  4. gmd makes a good point on not over doing it on your nute solution. To clarify my post, I feed twice per day with the modified lucas formula for coco. It is of lower concentration, which is why I feed twice per day.
  5. I feed every watering which at the moment is every second day, but once I hit flowering it would easily be every day. As they say, treat it like hydro. I'm running an EC of 1.5 without any issues, though one was showing signs of slight nute burn, though I put this down to lack of flushing.
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  6. Light feeding every watering these days.... :wave:
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  7. I'm doing my first coco grow and using the lucas formula. My only modification has been adding cal-mag. I'm interested in what others are doing if you'd care to share.

  8. Check out the link in my signature and post there, so we don't hijack this thread.
  9. I water everyday 1400ppm plants in 3gal pots use around 1 liter a day. Even clones get started around 900ppm watered everyday.
  10. im with nissty. i feed my veg 600-1000ppm depending on age and my flower 1000-15 or 1600. i water about every 2 days depending of how much they eat
  11. Im in week two of veg doing an EC of .6 and PPM of 500-600, ph 5.8, plus calmag, protek, beneficiaries, and now carbs with my house and garden line in RO water. Plan coming up a little but they aren't starving yet. Its not about feeding them as much as you can as much as giving a healty diet. Using less nutes will help you yeild more and have a better smoke in the end. Good luck and remember, its easier to recover from under feeding then over feeding.
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  12. Wanted to update my post here, since moving to 5 gal smart pots and into flowering, I am now only feeding once every other day.
  13. I'm using straight Coco Coir with Sensi 2 part nutes, I wasn't sure how often to feed so I called advance (maker of Sensi), dude told me to feed once a week or if twice a week feed at half strength. Didn't sound right so I asked him if I got it right. He told me it was right. I fed everyday when using perlite.
    He also suggested adding mag.
  14. I feed every watering, which is everyday unless I get really lazy and decide to skip a day.
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  15. Are you guys who water coco every day not giving the coco a chance to dry out? I am using 2 gal root pots filled with straight Botanicare Coco and I feed every 3-4 days. During the 3 days after I have watered or fed them, they are heavy and very wet still. Around the 3rd or 4th day the majority of the plants become light and pretty dry. I know coco is supposed to be able to contain many times it's weight in water, but what about air flow? If you soak your coco every day will there be enough aeration in the soil medium?
  16. Hey for best results feed 6 days a week however many times a day your system gets watered. On the 7th day flush what regular water, this keep salts (synthetic nutes) from building up on your roots, I also think this helps clean the whole system and resivours. Then after one day of flushing bump your PPM's up for the next week. Don't pay attention to what everyone is saying about their PPM because the optimum ppm will be different with every nutrient.
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  17. My coco gets fairly dry after 1 day. I don't water if the very top of the coco hasn't dried out a bit, but that only takes 1 day usually. I also don't water to run off. If you have run off every time the coco will retain water a little longer than if you don't have run off. Even if I watered to have run off though it would still be pretty dry after 2 days. It just depends on how much water you give, how big your plants are, how much light they are getting, and environmental conditions. I know a guy who waters/feeds 4 times a day in straight coco using a drip system. All depends on the amount of water.

    My plants are currently in 5 gallon pots of Botanicare Coco (not cut with anything), week one of flowering under a 1000 HPS.
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  18. I am doing Ebb+Flow, recirculating the nutrients. So even if the coco is still partially wet there is no downside to feeding/watering? You basically cannot overwater or cause a lack of aeration?
  19. When in veg in smaller pots, I feed each day, and the meduim doesn't dry out. Don't treat it like soil and let it dry out, treat like hydro and always keep wet. Seems to be the best results for me. As I said earlier, once I moved to 5 gal smart pots in flower, they didn't require feedings each day for a couple of reasons. One, the medium was still extrememly wet, if fed, solution would just bleed right through. This would re-oxygenate the root system, but is a waste in nutes. Two, the humidity climbed to near 80% when feeding daily during flower, cutting back to once every other has helped the humidity stay at 60-65%.
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    Thank you all for the insight. Are you using a dehumidifier VeoDigital?

    Edit: I just found this post talking about aeration in coco

    Nutrient Schedule for Coco Coir

    Ebbmeister says:

    What do you guys think about using pure coco no perlite; air it out, or keep it wet, and why?

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