How often do you clean your piece?

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by BobbyBlaze, May 27, 2010.

  1. I just washed mine after a good 5 sessions.
    I just couldn't stand looking at how dirty it was anymore.

    Rubbing alcohol + salt worked wonders, my pipe looks brand new :smoke:

  2. Once every week or 2. Nice bongs need often cleaning, sometimes multiples times a week. Depends how new/excited/dirty!

    You shoulda had before / after pics!
  3. after every use
  4. Do you go through the whole rubbing alcohol and salt process?
  5. depends on the pipe. I use my bowl (spoon for some people) multiple times every day and i rarely clean that bad boy

    me and my room mate share a toro and a RooR and we clean them as much as possible. But we are college stoners, so buying bong cleaning supplies isn't too high on the priority list
  6. i clean when i need to (after a slight grunge layer)

    i soak in a 40/60 alcohol/hot water mixture for at least 5 minutes

    then q-tips in alcohol, swab all the res you can, the salt + alcohol the rest.
  7. By the way I use Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate to clean my bongs, bowls, slides, everything! Just use big enough containers so you can clean lots of things in it (its reusable!)
  8. 2 - 3 times a day. Usually after 5 - 8 hits. The water, bowl and stem gets dirty and it flavours it way too much.

    ISO and rock salt treatment is only every few days when a noticable ring of resin builds up, but iso with a brush or pipe cleaner on the bowl and stem alllll the time.
  9. For my bongs yeah, for my pipes no
  10. I've been lazy in the past few months, but my Roor used to get cleaned numerous times every day.
  11. after every sesh, can be rinsed out and given clean water mid sesh...imo after about 2 rips the water tastes nasty in my tube....lots of diffusion
  12. Your tubes life expectancy is pretty low then (Unless your running a 7-9mm with no trees or inlines)
  13. I clean my tube and ash catcher about once a week. the ash catcher comes apart so that's easy to clean, and the ash catcher keeps the tube a lot cleaner too :D

    i think the weirdest thing to clean in the stem, and i usually just put that right into my bottle of F420, cover the joint, and shake. if anything is left after that i go at it with pipe cleaners.

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