How often are you on grasscity?

Discussion in 'General' started by bob_barker, Feb 28, 2004.


How often are you on grasscity?

  1. once a day

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  2. once every other day

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  3. once a week

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  4. once a month

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  5. once every blue moon

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  6. All day every day

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  7. on and offf all day

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  1. I know this has probably already been posted but i was just wondering how often you visit grasscity. And how long do you usualy stay on?

    I am kinda new to this site and i find myself to be on about once or twice a week.
  2. I visit about 4 times a day for about 10 minutes each.
  3. I usually leave the forum window open all day and just minimize it and lock my comp when I have to go to classes.
  4. I spend an average of 4 hours a day! Every day!
  5. ^

    and it shows! 9000+ posts.. phew
  6. im on almost all the time, at least an hour a day, i love this place!
  7. i dunno everyday ..probably a few hours.

    today ive been off n on since 3pm though n its 9pm now

  8. I don't pay much attention to the post count
  9. 3 or 4 times a day most days..:D
  10. I spend about 3 or 4 hours a day reading mostly. Even more time when I'm at
  11. Sometimes I'm on almost all day. Sometimes I'm on just a
    half hour or so. But I'm on, most every day.
  12. well... It used to be about 2+ hrs a day, but now i find myself with way less amountsof time and for the moment ( no comp in my room) so as for now, once a day for about a half an hr or so if im lucky... an that times just usually wonderin round this huge an great place tryin to do a lil moddin in my areas... not theres ever much to do with this great team we got goin here....

    though, things'll change an everything should be back to normal as soon as possible.... :D
  13. I come here multiple times a day.
  14. I'm here all the time. The city is a cool place to hang.

  15. your not here all the time, u joined this month and uv'e only got 24 posts son. :)
  16. ^^
    That doesn't mean that I'm not here. I read a lot, but it takes a bit for me to start the posting.
  17. sadly this forum isn't all that active. I'll visit every other day are there are still topics on the front page with only 1 or 2 replies to them. sometimes i wish this place was larger.
  18. As long as we stay peaceful, I don't think it matters how many members we have... quality over quanitity

    I'm here at least 4 differnt times a day, more on the weekdays then the weekends, but you kinda have to be here a lot to mod.

  19. dont worry about it, i was just being an asshole...heh
  20. ^^
    Yeah WHATEVER! I hate you now! ;)

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