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How not to look high or Stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smooth Criminal, May 14, 2011.

  1. So im high nearly all the time,and sometimes i always fuck up around familly/friends,and in work.Please tell me how no to look high or stoned when in public,so i wouldn't risk any problems.Thank you
  2. Wear eye drops (Rohtos, Clear Eyes, or some other redness-clearing brand) to get rid of the red in your eyes, or wear sunglasses if you're outside. Just act normally, try not to talk too much. If you've recently smoked, put on some of your normal cologne or body spray to get rid of the weed smell. Pretend you aren't high, just act like you would any other day. Cheers
  3. Yeah, just act normal. If you think about it too much, you always fuck up. Just act cool man!
  4. that comes with experience :) you can't just tell someone to act cool
  5. ^^^^^ I agree to a point about not talking to much. I notice on myself and a couple of others that when you have cottonmouth and try to talk you make this sort of clacking sound with your tongue.

    Then again, maybe i just notice stupid things when i smoke.

    Also, IMO, when you smell like cologne or aftershave at 3 in the afternoon while wearing gym shorts.....your not fooling anyone.
  6. the less thing u do that u could possible fuck up the less of a chance you will fuck up?
  7. Don't even think about it
  8. i wouldnt say dont think about it because carelessness is a big factor in stayin straight
  9. i wouldnt say dont think about it because carelessness is a big factor in stayin straight
  10. It's hard to act cool when you're stoned as hell, so you're not alone on this one. If I have to be in public, I always put Rohtos in about 20 minutes before, 2 in each eye, and either air myself out or put on some Axe. That SOMETIMES gets rid of the smell.. But other than that, be friendly, not TOO laid back ("yeaaaaahhhhh mannnnnnn, i know what you're saaaayinnnn' :)) and it also helps if you don't hype yourself up about it. Just treat it like any other day. Hope this helped!
  11. Brush your teeth and chew gum. And then change your clothes and possibly take a shower. Don't use deodorant. It's a giveaway. As for the act just put in some eye drops and act normally. Don't try so hard just be yourself.
  12. Don't want to look high? Don't consumer cannabis. Simple as.
  13. Do you not know how to act normal?
  14. personally, i dont give a rats' ass if someone can tell i'm high. are we on a gameshow? "*GASP* you are high right now!" "ding ding ding, here's a cookie." and if you're trying to hide the fact that you're high around your family, then the best thing to do is not to be around them. go take a shower, go to your room, go mow the lawn - keep yourself busy so they cant ask too many questions.
  15. Just make sure to remember that aside from cops and maybe your parents, no one is really going to give a rat's ass if you're high or not. I know family can be difficult which is why I don't smoke while they're awake or at my house. Use Vizine and try to keep your eyes open. It'll get easier eventually.
  16. Eyes Drops
    Chewing Gum. All you need man
  17. And don't smoke in Pakistan unless you want your dick cut off...
  18. Blue rohtos r perfect for eye redness. Wash ur face and hands if u can (it helps with the whole sleepy look). I've also rubbed dryer sheets on my clothes/hair before. Gum is always a plus.

    Mainly just enjoy ur high and don't worry about it. People only notice ur high if u do extremely stupid things.
  19. you're saying just because someone smells nice at 3 in the afternoon everyone around you is going to immediatly assume your stoned? I like to smell nice all the time, so I really think if anything is going to give you away this would be the most unlikley thing to do it.
  20. The easiest way: don't smoke if you have to be in a social situation with sober people who will be against your toking.

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