How Not to Give a Fuck

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  1. How do you do it?

    My problem is I give too much of a fuck. I have both avoidant and paranoid personality disorder.

    I'm not a shut-in but I don't really have any friends. I can text people to hang out but I wouldn't consider any of them buddies.

    Also, I have a really hard time with social anxiety. I've had girls say I'm hot and guys say I'm funny but I can't deal with people. I get really quiet and tense around big groups of people. I can't go to parties because I feel too awkward.

    I've already accepted that I'm going to grow up alone but I still can't help feeling all these things. How do I get over it?
  2. You gotta be a Honey Badger, cause Honey Badger don't give a fuck!
  3. Stop asking questions, start not giving a fuck
  4. maybe what you have is a gift and you should learn to direct where you give a fuck ?
  5. Just think "Who are these people?" "Why do they matter?" And imagine yourself in the comfort of your own home when no one else is around. Let loose and be you if they care they don't matter, end of story.
  6. Just dont give a fuck man. go with the flow. Karma usually sorts it out in the end.

  7. I am. I would still trade it to feel comfortable for 5 minutes.

  8. I try to do that but I can't bring myself to fully do it. I can't help but have this overwhelming sense that all these people are better than me for being able to socialize so easily.
  9. some of the smartest people to ever live didn't care about being socially awkward because they were focused on more important things. that's all i'm trying to suggest.

    some people don't give a fuck about anything whatsoever and it hurts them repeatedly.

    but yeah, your answer is as simple as everyone else said. just stop thinking so damn hard about not giving a fuck and learn to silence your mind when it's not working the way you'd like. ( i realize this is challenging. but hey, smoke one and zone )
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    The fact is they are not. We were all born not even knowing how to shit in the toilet! We all started on the same path, just don't give their path more influence into your life than yours. You have your own instincts just give into what you think is right. It might lead you to glory or your downfall, but in the end it was your choice to make so it was the right one.
  11. Haha smoking one will only make u care more

    I dont see how one just "starts not giving a fuck" its not that easy to change ur natural personality

    I think sensitive people just have to learn to live with it, i used to be super shy but ive learned to socialize to a point even tho theres still that background anxiety
  12. smoking helps me not

    give a fuck...
  13. Have you tried getting really drunk?
  14. You can't solve social anxiety with alcohol or weed. It just creates a dependency on that substance so you can't function without a drink or a joint in your body. Thats a fucked up way to live.

    OP, I don't give a fuck. Not in the bragging sense, but I'm one of the more popular people in my school, simply because I play guitar, am funny, and don't give a fuck what I think. I'm probably weird, I sing in the halls and say thing that don't always make sense, and I hardly make idle conversation. I make my weirdness work with me, because people dig the quirkiness.

    To not give a fuck, you need to be comfortable in your skin. I don't think you are
  15. Just try to focus on what you like about yourself and try to work on what you don't. If you make each day about bettering yourself, pretty good you will feel so good that it doesn't matter what others think.

    A suggestion I could give is a public speaking class. Public speaking really challenged me at first and I hated it. I felt scared because I felt that everybody looking at me was judging, and I instantly thought that their judgement was negative. I was terrible at it at first and stuttered my way through. As soon as anyone would ask me a question, I would get all nervous, even though I would know the answer. Something I gradually realized that my problem was that I didn't feel I was good enough to be answering questions at all, and I started forcing myself to slow down and think about the question before answering. As long as i was prepared with the information I needed to convey my point, it went very smoothly.

    It helped me in every day life because I felt more confident in my speaking ability. Once I was comfortable with myself and talking to others, it was a lot easier to jump into social situations
  16. Stop caring about what other people think of you. Be your own self.
  17. talk to your doctor about it. i just did yesterday and he prescribed me some meds that have been helping.
  18. That's how I did it. I was very socially awkward when I was younger and felt like the OP. Drinking at parties lowered my inhibitions and allowed me to interact freely with people who I wouldn't have had the courage to approach ordinarily. Socializing successfully while intoxicated helped build my self-confidence and very soon I had expanded my social circles and was comfortable meeting new people. I no longer need alcohol to open up to people, but it helped back when I was psychologically incapable of doing so. Bottom line, if the OP is like me he just needs to get some experience not giving a fuck in order to overcome his inhibitions, and there's nothing wrong with using some "don't-give-a-fuck juice" to kickstart that process.
  19. Alcohol is the most popular way. I was born with a lack of fucks to give.
  20. Your chi needs to be balanced.

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