How not to get busted growing

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  1. Ive read around on google but couldnt find anything here from search, what are some good ways to conceal my closet grow and not get caught?
  2. not real sure what your saying here,,,,please explain a little more
  3. sorry typo, i fixed it. I just want some advice on not getting busted thats about it.
  4. Um, I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that you don't tell anyone what you're doing and keep the smell down.
  5. LOL...I kinda agree with pewpil.

    If you dont tell anyone and keep the smell down, you're golden!
  6. I think the biggest factor to you getting busted is your own mouth. DON'T TELL ANYONE!

    The next would likely be the smell. Odor control is essential and CAN NOT be overlooked.

    Also, you don't want to have a house alarm if you're growing inside your hosue. Many a grower has been busted because the family pet sets off an alarm, or a motion sensor malfunctions, or neighbor kids try to rip off your weed - any of these bring the cops, and cops bring trouble for cultivators.

    Keep shit locked up. Keep shit out of site of any utility company people that may respond to check your meter or because the old lady next door thinks she smells a gas leak... etc.
  7. Echo all of the above. Biggest risk by far is telling someone else. For five seconds of bragging rights you have just given up total security forever. Even if you tell someone you trust to never snitch on you, you can't be sure about who he tells, if he tells his girlfriend who tells someone, etc.

    To satisfy your urge to tell someone, come here and do it anonymously.

    In addition to the other points made, make sure your grow situation and activities are not suspicious. Don't let a light brigher than the sun be visible from your attic. Don't let your neighbors see you dragging 50-lb bags of soil into your house in the middle of winter. There is some debate whether it is true or simply myth about excessive power bills leading to a bust, but either way I would advise keeping your electric consumption somewhere not too far from the norm for your type of residence.
  8. thats what i thought you were asking,,,,,,,amen to my brothers dont tell noone,,,keep it to yourself....youll do fine
  9. is running the A/C all the time and using a 400 watt HPS in a town house to much electricity? The setup is 4'w X 2'd X 66''h with 2 high powered computer fans blowing into a carbon filter, will this kill all the smell from 4 plants enough so the neighbors cant smell it, and what are some ways i can test it before i start the grow?
  10. On your first question about electricity use you are fine. Some people run their a/c all the time, so your doing it is within "normal" usage. Adding a 400w light makes your bill go up but not more than a person who leaves the lights on in every room vs. a person who turns them off.

    No way to really test your odor control set-up, depends on how much you are growing and the odor given off by the strain(s) you pick -- there is a wide variety in the type and intensity of MJ growing odors. To test it, all I can think of is you could try stinking up your grow area with different smells -- incense, garbage, rotten eggs -- and then see what kind of job your fans and scrubber do. If you decide to do this you better hope it works! ; -)
  11. what is a easy cheap way to control the smell i didnt put much thought into it before and now their starting to hum a bit thanks.
  12. Also how often do i have to replace the activated Carbon in the filter?
  13. what do you consider cheap?
  14. depends on the carbon used, the size of the filter, and the stink of the air you're filtering. It's different for each situation.

    Personally, I use carbon scrubbers that are reversible so I almost double the amount of time between carbon changes.
  15. what do you mean by reversible?

    And is 120 CFM good enough to push through a carbon filter?
  16. Carbon filtration is among the best possible methods. the activated charcoal can last 2-3 months. 120 cfm sounds puny for a carbon scrubber.
  17. with a carbon scrubber, most of the air escapes shortly after the inlet end of the scrubber. Meaning, the majority of the air comming into the scrubber is only treated by the first half of the carbon. This means that the carbon sitting in the scond half of the scrubber is usually pretty fresh still even though the scrubber is no longer effective.

    So, because of this, most people change out their carbon and they end up throwing away a lot of still effective carbon.

    A reversible filter allows you to chane out the direction of airflow so you can "flip" the scrubber over and use that other end with the still good carbon in it and prolong the time between carbon changings.

    One of the best filters I've ever used (and I've used a lot of different ones) is this one:
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  18. really depends on the filter and the type of carbon, but 120 CFM sounds pretty anemic. You want to get a Vortex fan. IMO, they are the best per dollar spent, bar none. A 6" one is only $165 and worth every penny.
  19. buy cheap i mean the absolute minimum to achive a low or no smell can you use normal charcoal as i have an idea about making a filter.
  20. for 4 plants? damn... how about 2 120cfm fans blowing together into one carbon filter?

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