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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kushblunts17, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. its about 2 weeks old with stunted growth can anybody tell me why it has those two extra leaves with whit pistils on it?
  2. It would help with a picture. 
  3. i got a pic up lol my bad i was working on it
  4. no way theres pistils on it.. maybe stipules youre mistaking.. ? takes way more time to see pre- flowers.. that plant is still a baby in the womb....
  5. what strain is it?
  6. What are stipules and Im pretty sure the strain is fire og kush i got it from my girlfriend she said it was fire.. im not sure if she meant fire as in good weed or fire og kush
  7. Actually you are mistaking. The stipules are not what im talking about although i was wknderig what those are. look at the leaves in the middle between the first leaves and actual pot leaves. theres 2 extra leaves with white pistil like things coming out of the tips of the leaves
  8. your plant has gone into flower lol just kidding. IDK why peeps get into rocket science on 2 sets of leaves. Let the thing grow for a while before you can determine if something is horribly wrong with it.
  9. Those leaves are obviously damaged. Those aren't pistils, it's the dry tips of the damaged leaves. Your plant is no were near sexually mature. In another 4-6 weeks then you may start seeing pistils if you've got a girl.

    And your girlfriend probably meant "fire" as in good weed not fire OG kush don't fool yourself.
  10. ok im mistaken... if those are pistils showing now.. u wont even get .1 of a gram if that thing puts on buds.. good luck.

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