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how much

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shroomtycoon, May 18, 2006.

  1. I was just reading another thread with some peeps arguing about how much weed they smoke to get stoned and it got me thinkin. How much do you gys smoke. I usually smoke about a gram a day of dank. don't really smoke middies or anything else.
  2. it only takes me one bowl, and i like it that way, its saves me money only being 18.4;)
    but i only smoke about 4 grams a week:rolleyes:
  3. Yeah i usually smoke 2-3 bowls to get high, and usually pick up 1/8 a week.
    i wish i could only smoke a bowl to get high but usually i need to smoke 2-3.
  4. a few (2-3) bowls of dizzizzank to get stoned, a little under a g to get fucked up
  5. if its good green a bowl or 2 will definetly do....

    i just rhymed
  6. usually one good joint (king size papers) mixed 80/20 bud to baccy ratio gets me real nice for like 2 hours
  7. on average? probaly 1.5-3g's of dank a day.... i have a problem....... :( :eek: :smoke:
  8. i smoke 1-2 grams of dank a day
  9. I smoke bud until I am high, it takes alot sometymes and it takes less somethymes. I just smoke really,I never measure it out, I just break off a chunck and grind it pack it smoke it and I repeat until baked. JOE>
  10. I love my not so high tolerance, been smoking for about 3 years and this is how much it takes me to get faded.

    Dank- 1/2 Bowls
    Mids- Good sized joint
    Regs- Good sized blunt

    This is after 3 years of blazing it 2-5 times a day. Not so bad.
  11. same here pretty much.
  12. i smoke prolly .3 grams a day of medical grade. I like it though because i get high easily and am able to smoke everyday.
  13. If I have some regs i smoke like 3-4 grams a day.

    If its dank then probably a gram or two.
  14. 3 fat bowls to get high, an 8th to be stoned.

    Oh and for how much I pick up.. I usually pick up a 8th or quarter to smoke myself but now that im workin i can keep it an oz every 1 1/2 week
  15. I smoke 5 piece joints normally, usually a touch of tobacco. Id rather toke on 10 spliffs in a day then 2 blunts.
  16. takes me about 3 bowls to get high, and this is very potent weed lol. I guess that happens when you smoke dank daily for several months now.

    now if I had my bong back, it would take a snapper to put me into place.. how much I miss my Trinity.

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