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  1. I would get at gamestop for trading in my

    1 ps3 slim 120gb
    3 dualshock 3 sixaxis controllers
    1 1st gen wireless ps3 headset
    About 5 or 6 games( blops, mw2, skate3, bioshock2, saints row2,etc.)

    Trying to convert to xbox fuck this ps3 ***** bullshit
  2. waaay less than youd like.

    sell it on ebay
  3. You'll get enough for the old 120gb HDD and maybe a game or two.
  4. I have Xbox...
    This is my 3rd one in the last 5 years...
    System sucks... Seems to fall apart...
    BTW im careful with mine.. keep it always on a metal rack to allow for best ventilation....

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    I'm sorry to hear that, it sounds like bad luck. Or maybe I have good luck, I've never really had a problem out of my box.
  6. Never had problems with mine either. 250GB Elite. Never seen a drop in framerate and it never even gets warm. No special rack or mount. The only maintenance ive had to do is replace batteries in the controllers, and now i used wired ones.
  7. dont get anything other than the new xbox slim. its a lot better

    if you have to get the 4gb and buy a bigger HD later

  8. me neither. i have a feeling the people with broken xboxs leave them on for hours at a time, because the only time i had an xbox fail was after leaving it on for 6 months straight.
  9. just call them brah
  10. We traded in pretty much all the same shit and got back like 160 or so but there were a couple things wrong with it.
  11. I'm tryin to get the new xbox(slim) blops for xbox n two controllers think what I have would be enough to possibly work out a trade with them ?

  12. probably not gamestop gives you shit for trade ins.

    if you sell your stuff on ebay yeah probably youd be close

    id just trade in though. xboxs arnt expensive, even the high end models and if you could take $150 off of that with your trade ins the hit to your wallet wont be that bad at all
  13. Buy a 360 off ebay, you can find pretty damn cheap ones used with a lot of accessories in there too.
  14. I'm thinking around $180. Gamestop are cheap bastards though, my friend traded in fight night rd 4 and 3 other xbox360 games and got $1.70 in store credit. WTF?
  15. yea like everyone else said, you won't get much at gamestop. I would say a combo like that should be worth at least $350 to $400 if you sold it elsewhere.

  16. Wow, holy shit. If people are going to do business with GameStop they really should consider buying a GameStop PowerUp (Pro) Rewards card. I traded in ME1 and got $17 for it and that game is like, what, 4 years old?

    I also got like $45 for Reach and Crysis 2 ( a piece ) and I've heard reports of people getting them for as low as $25-35.

  17. I've had two old model 360s red ring on me with minimal use, and an xbox slim get an e78 error. All these systems had plenty of ventilation, and were used for approximately 5 hours per week with all games installed on the hard drive so that the disc drive didn't even have to spin. I understand that you haven't had problems, and I'm glad that someone out there has gotten reliable systems, but 360s will break regardless of anything. I mean shit, my slim was 6 months old when it broke, and it was barely ever on.
  18. sell it on ebay or craigslist! and ive had my xbox for 4 years and never had a problem but i fix/mod xboxs as well and i get A LOT of xboxs that need fixed for the red rings! but im fine with it cuz its making me money!!!

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