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How much you pay for a good amount of middies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I been buying some pretty good weed for a standard 20 bucks and getting inbetween 1 and 2 grams.

    But how much does it cost for like an 1/8 or 1/4 of middies? Dont tell me if you are in good w/ your dealer and get it cheap, i want to know standard prices b/c Im on vacation and can smoke alot more now but need more of it haha
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    probably 40 for an 8th and 75-80 for a quarter if your paying 20 bucks for a gram or 2.

    it is different everywhere, people are going to say they get an ounce for 100 bucks or something probably.
  3. If you're paying $20 for a gram of mids you need to find a better connect.

    Back before I started growing I was getting eighths of mids for 25 and ounces for 90. This was 7 years ago. Prices still seem to be about the same in most place...just make sure you look them over before you buy. Too many dealers try to pass off straight dirt as mids
  4. Im not paying 20.00 for mids, im paying 20.00 for some pretty good stuff. Im saying I want to buy mids b/c you get alot more of it cheaper, Im asking b/c I generally dont buy midfs, its usually pretty good stuff I buy
  5. Most mids usually runs between 20 and 30 an eighth but it really depends on where you live.
  6. In PA you generally see some pretty good mids for 25 to 30 an 8th. Some cheaper stuff can be gotten at 20.
  7. Here in Ohio I pay:

    $20-4g (eigth)

  8. damn son, i would be smoking so much more if my prices where the same! :p

    Im in Ontario and with a new dealer you dont know and he doesnt know you its 10$ a g.

    Where im at its less hard core, for 3 g's its 20 and for a Q (7 g's) its 50
  9. damn im glad i live in bmore city i can get a a quarter o of high mids for 35 half o from 65 and O from 100 120, this all over the neighborhood to and its not low mids its light green red hiar strong smelling mids

  10. 4gs isnt an eight. 3.5 is

    and i get a quarter of some bomb ass mids for 25
  11. if your getting about 1.5g for 20, im going to estimate 30-35 for an eighth and about 50-70 for a quarter.

    usually, a dealer will drop the price a couple dollars a gram the more you buy. at least thats how it is around here.
  12. about this except the quarter should be found for 25 from some guys most of the time its only 30/quarter if the person flips it and isnt a straight dealer
  13. I usually pay 40 to 50 for a quarter of mids depending on quality.

  14. I don't have a receipt, but if I buy at least 2 ounces I pay $100 each.


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