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How much yield will i get off this 1 plant **look**

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 2picks, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hi grasscity how much do you think i will get off this 1 jack herrer plant ?.

    I did a grow journal but got no replies but this is the same plant in my journal.

    Its 4 weeks into bud im using canna coco a & b and vita link buddy.

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  2. nice plant ! prob a good few ozs
  3. eyeballing that vs everything else in the room.

    2.8-4.2 Oz is my guess.

    can't wait to see the results!
  4. My friend who i took the clone off got just over 4oz per plant but mines looking alot bigger.

    The buds are quite dense and theres still about 5-6 weeks left till its about ready so if i get 4oz then its not bad. I have her under just 1 250w light

  5. if your friend who has the same plant got over 4oz ima place my bet that youre going to pull off about the same amount. its always give or take depending on what lights he/she is using. but if you have the same lights and your plant is a bit bigger, youll probably have more. im happy to hear that too, because i have a plant that looks like yours, but she just went into flowering. took a load off my mind. good posting. check out my journal, the big one is on there.
    ...n what size in the bin you have her in? i need to transplant again and im thinking about doing that.
  6. ^ you forgot the pic
  7. The bin is a recycling tub it holds about 50lts but i have it 2/3 full of coco and a small layer of clay pebbles at the bottom for the run off.

    I lst the plant from clone my friend never did and he used a 400w for 4 plants so each was getting 100w so i think with mine getting 250w its gonna be much more yield.

    Im gonna keep this updated each week from today so keep checking it out and ill post pics too.
  8. Looking good! I'd bet 4grams easy, maybe up to 6.

    I noticed you tied down some of the branches, do you find you need to untie and retie em every so often to prevent constricting the stems when they grow?
  9. Wow. Looks dank. For some reason i thought you had only 3 fingers... must be the drugs :smoking: lol. Cant wait to see the harvest! Subbed for sure.
  10. i'll leave some love on your grow journal..

    by the way... if your friend grew 4oz, i can see why u cant do the same.
    maybe an extra oz or two with our help :D;)
  11. looking tasty man!!

    I think you looking around 3.1415265358979323846264338327950288 oz's
  12. So ive made a video of the plant but i dont know how to put it on so here the link to it. Theres loads of crystals on the baby.

    [ame=]YouTube - Jack Herrer 1 Plant 250w hps[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - jack herer 1 plant 250w[/ame]

    hope you guys like
  13. That is one healthy plant. Great job :smoking:
    And it looks like it has a lot of budding left. If the buds are not airy I would think at least 5oz, but 2oz if fluffy.
  14. The buds are compact and hard when i squeeze em
  15. everything is looking very nice! i agree with the many who say that looks like it will bring a nice yield. +rep from me. :)

    so what all did you do, training-wise? the lst is apparent in the pictures, but i'm wondering if you did any topping, and when...
  16. I'll play....

    3-4 zips.
  17. 3 to 4 zips.

    EDIT: Hahah grrower had the same thing as me

    I'll narrow it down to 3.25 to 3.75 zips
  18. Well im gonna say 5.7 - 6.8oz but im hoping for 8 lol.

    I lst the plant and also topped the plant at 5 weeks veg then started to bud.

    I reckon ive got about 4-5 weeks left till its finished so i know there gonna be alot more bud growth this is the first time ive ever budded a plant so hopefully its gonna be ok.
  19. 4 to 5 weeks? Too early for this thread lol...
  20. Yh i know buts its good that people are replying cos they never on my grow journal.

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