how much would you pay for this bong?

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    Good buy?14" inline/honeycomb bong with splash guard and stemless design. Includes bowl. Cracked where bowl goes in, sealed with epoxy. Owner says doesn't affect usage. How much of a difference does honeycomb make? Thoughts on buying broken glass? Cheap though right...and it's been fixed.

  2. hmm if it was free, not bad. i dont buy broken/diy repair glass though...
  3. about $3.50
  4. Any reason? If it works why not? Reduces cost a lot, and can't think of any other reasons. 
  5. well the structural integrity of the glass is even less force may be needed to break what is probably the most break-prone part on a bong.
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    I see.
    I'm a noob, but it seems this bong has "technology" that other bongs don't have.  Honeycomb, splash guard. Or am I just being a fool? He wants $30 for it, $20 without bowl. 
  7. for that price its not bad but you can easily rebreak it and may not be able to repair...if I didn't have any pieces I would consider it.
  8. Fuck buying broken glass, no thanks. 
  9. One dollar. Literally.
  10. I wouldn't take that thing for free.
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    Can someone explain the difference between this "worthless" bong and expensive ones? 100+ dollar ie. I've never understood this. What is the difference? the result we all want is to get high right? Is the difference that you get higher off the same amount of weed with more expensive bongs? I've hit many of my friends bongs and they all feel the same....
     I have a friend who tried this and said it hits super hard....if it gets you high what else do u need?
  12. No more than $10.Sex,Weed and Bikes
  13. Who dafaq would buy busted glass? That's epoxy back together? You could get a piece just like that brand new offline for a hundred. Or you could get a legit piece from a respectable blower from a little more. Forget wasting money on something so that guy can upgrade. 30 isn't a bad deal but I wouldn't pay more than 20 for a busted tube. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. The rule of the game is broken glass isn't good glass. No matter if it get's you high, rips hard, or even it's cheap. Sorry bro, I would just keep it in  
  15. Five, maybe ten with the bowl. Though it still works now, any bong that's been cracked, can and will crack pretty easily again. Especially the stem. Nothing wrong with a cheaper bong, I just wouldn't get excited over something that's already been broken, and probably going to break again.
  16. I wouldn't even want it. Don't buy broken glass period
  17. for 30 bucks instead of buying a broken tube i would of gone to my LHS and bought a cheap vase style, rubber gromet bong that i know is at least  all in one piece 
  18. I'll give you 5 cattle, 4 magic beans and the virginity of my first born.
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    I'd say 10 bucks, and if he wants 10$ for that Bowl tell him to shove it up his ass, that looks like a standard 3-5$ BowlAnd this is only if it's still perfectly airtight
  20. you can get one of those bongs for $40-50 brand new. beign that its used. even if it wasnt cracked. reduces the cost like crazy. about $10. now with the crack. i wudnt even buy it unless it was $5.

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