How Much Would You Pay For A Stash Box?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by nope327, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I wanted to ask, how much would you pay for a device to keep your stash smell proof? Are you a cheap plastic baggie kinda person? Mason Jar? Would you pay for a custom made box? What is the price you would pay? Would you ever consider getting something besides what you have if it looked nicer? 

  2. 2 words after the period . MASON JAR
  3. I use a Pyrex air tight container, its like 5 bucks and does the job
  4. I got a waterproof box from walmart to stash my pipes, grinder, and a small mason jar. It was like 8 bucks and keeps the smell hidden completely. 
  5. Well kyle i use glass jars, mason jars, and my ceramic bowls
  6. Only if it looked ridiculously cool, even then id only drop 5 maybe 10 bucks
  7. I'd pay 50 for a quality nice wooden and cushioned stash box. Especially if it could fit my small bong in along with all my accessories like my dome and nail and grinder and well you get it.
  8. I always use glass jars that I get from hobby lobby. They have a huge selection of different shapes, sizes, and lid types for you to pick from for under 5 bucks. 
  9. Ok cool. Thanks guys. I started to build a custom box that fits all my stuff, and I love it. I just dont know if this project should end with my box or if I should continue and make some for other GrassCity members. I was looking into materials and it seems OK, a little higher end, maybe around $50 to create or so (including labor times). 
    Send me the dimentions of your mini bong, maybe I can make one section big enough to fit a mini bong in there. I am sure plenty of people would have similar requests. Thanks!
  10. Five bucks maybe. I only spent $3.50 on the one I have.
    But, I'd probably just buy a mason jar now, if I needed a new stash. 
  11. Yeah that is a complety subjective question.
    Thoughts seems like those are the asnwers you are after if you are trying to sell them.
    Im a cheap son of a B so plastic bags for me. LOL
    Though Im breaking ground for the first time this summer so might need something a little bigger!
  12. blown glass mason jars would be pretty cool, u could do all crazy designs and shit and even put a nice silk screen in the bottom.
  13. I made my own stash box out of an old desk drawer. I dont have to stealth the smell cause i live with fellow stoners and my neighbors on both sides of me smoke too.
  14. Man I have an airtight medicine plastic thingy, works great!
  15. Man I have an airtight medicine plastic thingy, works great!
  16. Prescription bottles are the way to go.  Free, smellproof, and if you leave the label on nobody's going to notice it unless they're looking at it really close.
  17. I got a candle jar from walmart for $1.99. It works. I would of got a mason jar but they didnt have any single ones, and I have no use for a case of mason jars. I couldnt see myself paying any more than a couple bucks on something to keep my weed in.
  18. I have an air tight rubber seal jar that can fit a half oz for 5 bucks at Wal-mart.

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