How much would you charge per dab?

Discussion in 'General' started by metalhead1, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I am the only 1 of my friends with a hash oil connect.
    i have to spend usually 60 a g, sometimes even 7 if its something special.

    my question is, how much do i charge per dab? i have been doing 5 for big dabs, 3 for smaller dabs.

    sometimes the consistensy of the oil makes it hard to just weigh it on a scale. i tried to do it with some shatter and made a mess, maybe i should put in freezer for a bit first?

    if i did weigh it , how much would i charge for .2 or .3?

    i pay 60 a g, so it would be 30 a half g im assuming he doesnt tax it.

    any suggestions
  2. No discussion of dealing on these boards, just a heads up. It would be wise to remove this.
  3. Lol I let my friends dab as much as they want.

    Just like smoking
  4. i guess i didnt consider that dealing lol. i would love to smoke all my friends up for free and i often give the samples for free but when im paying premium on a fixed budget i cant get give it out for free, especially when i need to for my anxiety/to sleep.
  5. Thats still considered selling, you may not be a dealer but you're selling an illegal product, to which we can't talk about moving (airplanes, across boarders), selling, on here...... I believe that is.
  6. charging your friends is kind of a douche move
  7. how r u gon charge your FRIENDS so damn much? smh

  8. Wordd

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