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How much would 1 G of dro cost where you live?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by GodCreatedWeed, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. I live in Texas and a G of dro costs 20 uslly. I was wondering if it varies in different locations?
    Leave a comment with your location and how much a G of dro would cost.
  2. Right off the bat kid, "Dro" is NOT a type of weed, I'm sorry to burst your bubble by if "Dro" you mean good weed then in Minneapolis, Minnesota a G of good BC Bud or Super Silver Haze or Super Skunk is around 20/g depending on hook up 15/g, and if an O around 300.:smoking:at the moment hahahaha have a good one.
  3. kids sell "dro" for about 1.5g a dub.
  4. 10$ or less

  5. Yeah I just meant like good weed
  6. "hydro" or not doesnt alter price where im at. theres always realy great bud coming around my town and recently 90 for quarters and 150 half o. o and 15 a gram
  7. Good weed cost me 50 an 8th and ranges from crazy dank to good beasters. I also have gotten an 8th, g, and g of mids for free so far, the crazy part is i only bought an 8th at this point:D
  8. fuck you:D

    Thats a joke so please don't ban me.
  9. where i live its 20 dollars a gram for some really good dro, 25 dollars for the best top of the line shit that will knock you on your ass for hours and put you to sleep
  10. I get that good light green dro for 10 a gram. Best dank for the price in town...
    I normally smoke(d) reg and 1 bowl would get me half as high as I get on half a bowl of this
    And my boy hooks me up fat
  11. 10$ a gram of top shelf meds here in colorado
  12. Dro isn't a type of weed it is hydroponic grown cannabis. But where I live it is used as slang for kine bud quality bud, so 10 bucks a gram. Not as good as heads but better than the mids.
  13. $15 - $20 in South Florida.

  14. "dank" isn't a type of weed, it means "unpleasantly cool and humid" :p

    it's just slang man..
  15. Over here it's $7/g for Dro.
  16. $10, maybe $15 but that's extremely rare. Most people would never pay $15 anyway.
  17. I know that is why I said it is used as slang for 10/g :p.

    But I don't see the appeal of the word "dank" though, makes me think of a musty basement :laughing:.

  18. The term "hydro" in Columbus, Ohio generally means the bud has been grown indoors with a hydroponic system. From my understanding it is usually indica dominant around here.

    but i can get:
    Cali Kush: 20$ a G
    Hydro: 10-15$ a G
    or some good ol' outdoor homegrown headies for about the same as dro.

    hope this helps.

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