How much wind is too much?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jonsi, May 18, 2006.

  1. Alright, right now i have a crude grow box until like this weekend. It's just a drawer with an open top I put in my closet. I have 2x26 watt Soft White CFL's putting 1700 lumens each. Now, I have a little desktop fan I bought clipped to the side of the box, blowing straight down, and on the low setting it's got a nice amount of a breeze going. If I were to continue with this set up until the plant were more mature (hell, it's just germinated, and was put into soil tonight) so, maybe at 5" tall, will this be a lot of wind at a young age? I wouldn't mind keeping this set up for another 2-3 weeks so I can wait till next pay day, then I'll get a better ventilation system.

    Basically, it's blowing straight down, but it has enough force that it blows the 'exhaust' air straight back up on the opposite side of the drawer. So I'm thinking it's fairly windy, but what are your, more professional opinions?

    My set up is basically going to be 3 or so plants until I can sex them, and then cut down to only one female. So... too much wind using a desktop clippable fan?
  2. Hey Jonsi, straight down on the plants is un-natural, and if you just put them in the dirt, you probably dont need wind yet. wait until about 2 weeks veg, then try a light breeze deflected off the side of your grow box. Wind to early will dry your soil and plants.And thats no good.:)
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  5. what she said. you want a nice cross breeze.
  6. Three things come to mind when reading your question :

    2.Dehydration of the soil/plant.
    3.(big bad wolf) I huff and I puff and I blow your plant down....
  7. [quote name='SmknVTEC']In fact, you look almost as good as I look and I am almost 30.

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