How much will she yeild?

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  1. And when will flowering start?

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  2. Well I can tell you that if you don't stick that baby In the ground or get a way bigger pot, she won't yield a ton. And as far as flowering goes, it all depends on where you live.
  3. Your prolly not even sure thats a girl Unless you got some fem seeds.
  4. If ur outside u have 1-2 weeks of veg left, u can either toss a couple lights on it to get it bigger or just let it go
  5. you know if its a girl or not in anywhere from 1-3 weeks. As far as yeild goes, dont ask that question. u cant plant a lime tree and know how many limes ur going to get. the plant looks pretty small rite now so no more than a few grams at this point. good luck tho!
  6. What he said lol, Ur plant is far enough along to tell sex, Check the nodes and look for pistils or balls

    He is also correct about yield, some plants triple in size during flower whereas my nearly 4' tall god bud will stretch only a couple inches but fill out completely
  7. to say he will only get a few grams is incorrect... Even worse you said it after you told him you cant predict yield which is very true...
  8. Quarter to Half ounce. Let me know how close I was :D
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    4 grams gl
  10. Lol I've gotten 4 grams off a drop of green clone, if it flowers right now going by average Mayb half oz
  11. It was topped but it was pulled so i guess the yield is none :/
  12. Probably no more than 2oz
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    More like zero grams... She is dead

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