How much weight?

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  1. I have just weighed my harvest after 3 days of hang drying (it hasn't dried much - not crispy at all).

    When it has dried completely what percentage of my original weight will I have left? Approximately...
  2. well with all the useful info provided, you will get exactly 60 LBS.
  3. No I got that it would be 60 .0897 pounds!!

  4. It was a relatively well worded question. About 1/4'th original weight.
  5. A quarter? Is that it??

    I thought it would have been half...
  6. If it's more than a third, you aren't drying it enough.
  7. Aww no. Thanks for that anyway.
  8. Approximately how much weight (percentage wise) should I let it lose before I start curing?
  9. They say that once it is 65-75% less in size than it was when you started to dry, then you can cure it...Anyone else wanna chime in on that...???
  10. i read on here you get .5 grams to a watt of power. do the math of whatever lighting setup you have (example)

    400 w HPS light

    400 x .5 = 200 / 28 = 7.14 ounces give or take a half ounce to a ounce due to drying, and the height of the plant.
  11. 1/4,....up to 1/3 for certain denser strains but they aren't the norm.
  12. It also depends on what you included in the pre-weight and how you trim the final product. If you are still drying then most likely you have the harvest hanging from stems/branches, possibly the whole plant uprooted, but that includes a lot of stems and possibly leaves that you won't include in the final yield.

    That's one of the things that doesn't get talked about much relative to growing, that as a grower you most likely will trim your bud much better than a dealer would, so it could take 1.25-1.5 oz of commercial product to equal the usable weight of 1 oz of my harvest, for example.

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