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How much weed would I have to eat to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by m3t4lm4n222, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Well, I just started smoking Marijuana and i've only gotten high twice (The first time everything just seemed smaller than usual, the second time my hair felt starchy, I felt like everything was moving faster) But i've been having problems with actually being able to smoke it (In 2 senses)

    1.My grandfather is living with us and always home. This proves to be a problem because I cannot smoke when he is there unless its late at night, but at that point its pointless to get high because I will just end up falling asleep.

    2.My lungs somewhat limit me. I had never smoked before I started smoking marijuana so I get to the point where I just about puke pretty early on.

    3.It stinks up my room, proves to be a problem

    So..I am considering consuming Marijuana to get high but first I have some questions.

    1.How much more will I have to eat than I will have to smoke? Say it takes .6.=.7 grams for me to get high now, how much will I have to eat?

    2.Do I have to eat it with something or can I just eat it? I've read that its fat soluble, if so could I just take a chocolate Carmel ball, cut it open, put the weed in it then eat it? Or does it have to be a good amount a fat.

    3.How much longer will I be high? From what I have read eating marijuana results in being higher for longer.

    If it matters I weigh 215 pounds and i'm about 5'10.

    Thanks guys :p
  2. Don't just eat it, you have to heat it up somehow.

    Given your limited capabilities I'd say something like firecrackers are your best bet.
  3. 1 gram of bud in 1/4 cup of some fatty peanut butter.

    Bake, covered in oven for 20-25 min @ 310 degrees or so.

    Eat it all in a sandwich or with crackers or a tortilla.

    Edibles take a while to kick in, but they will.

    I'm 6'3 and 240 lbs.
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    Is there a site that has a bunch of recipes, I need something I can make really quick (If thats possible) Do you guys know what the fastest/easiest solution to consuming it and getting high would be?
  5. i cant help you out on tryng to consume your weed but you should try to smoke it out of a bong. when i first started smoking, joints, blunts, pipes, steam rollers anything without the water filtration was 10 times harsher to smoke than bong on my lungs. you can make a ghetto homade bong quick and easy and it will do you just fine, i promise. all you need is a pen and a water or soda bottle of some sort. gut the pen and use the shell as a stem. youll have to use your own creative genious to fashion up a bowl. right now i have a diy bong made out of a vualt soda bottle, the stem is a metal goped spendal with a socket duc taped to it for a bowl, and that bong hits better than manny glass peices ive smoked.
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    I never made a bong out of those things, but the first time I smoked I made a custom soda can pipe, then the second time I used one my friend made. Regardless if I end up eating weed more than smoking it, I am grabbing a cheap little keychain pipe tmrw. But anyways, I need to know the easiest thing I can dish up to make me high.

    What about bisquick pancakes? It takes about 1 Cup of Bisquick, 1 egg and half a cup of milk to make 4 Pancakes, could I make those 4 and just add about 1 gram of weed to one? Or does it absolutetly need butter in it?
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    - You can cook/heat up the weed in some fat (Butter works well)
    - syphon the weed out and collect the resulting heated butter.
    - Place it in the Fridge and wait till it cools down.
    - Cook with it as you would with normal butter.

    Alternatively the mentioned peanutbutter does the same but you don´t need to cook it.
    Try this: http://forum.grasscity.com/incredible-edible-herb/281831-firecrackers-quick-tutorial-w-pics.html

    Warning!Don´t eat to much at once, it takes a while till the high kicks in. For example, one firecracker from that recipe will prob. do you.

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