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how much weed do you think wiz khalifa needs to smoke to get high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Weeeeds, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. cause his tolerance is so high.
  2. Lol I remember asking this in 9th grade.
    I'm guessing an 1/8th or so. Who nos he may hav no tolerance
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    Honestly, probably just like .2 to himself at the beginning of the day, then like .4 or .5 for the rest of the day.

    That's all he *needs*. I'm pretty sure he goes through ounces in a day.
  4. Thesame amount as anyone else with a high tolerance. It's not because he's famous that his tolerance is higher then someone elses tolerance who smokes all day. It's not like he smokes 20grams a day everyday.
  5. He smokes ounces a day so probably 3.5, I know he rolls 6-8joints right outa bed before he starts his day and those last him a hour only so lol he smokes ALOOT!!!! But also wastes alot but probably a eighth, he spends 10K a month on it and that was 2 years ago hahaha n he only does joints so that's lota less thc gettin to him but its all medical now so xD
  6. ounces a day? Yeah and I have a goose that shits golden nuggets.
  7. Do u know how rich he is? He has his own jet so im pretty sure he can smoke on it lol he smokes more then ounces a day now that he's super rich
  8. Im sure he doesnt need all that much to get high. he just wants to keep smoking more, dont blame him though. who doesnt like smoking a j when you are already baked haha.
  9. so lets say he smokes 3 ounces, 90grams a day. Thats impossible. It has nothing to do with money. 2 years ago I had a 2000-2200gram harvest each 6 weeks, and I smoked all day long everyday, the most I smoked on a day was probably 20grams.

    It's just bullshit, believe what you want I'm out of this thread haha.
  10. if he burns through an ounce a day everyday...
    i can guarantee he is not smoking alone.
  11. He has his team and he uses joints that's a big waste on top of his ounce joints so its easy to smoke that much in joints when alots gettin wasted/ not easy but more feasible lol
  12. he wouldn't even handle a bowl of schwag
  13. In an interview he said he spend 10k a month.

    And he might go through ounces a day as well.

    But i guess you gues forget hes rich so all the weed anyone around him smokes is from him OBVIOUSLY. So yes he might go through ounces a day, thats cuz hes rollin up and lettin everybody else toke up
  14. Maybe his record company as a jet for signed artist use he isn't that rich for a jet
  15. so wait no matter how high your tolerance is a 3.5G of dank will get you high as fucK?
  16. who cares
  17. I bet b-real can smoke him under the table
  18. i doubt he gets high
    i smoke alot and my tolerence is high and i hardly get high from weed
    once in awhile i might feel it

    but concentrates....man oh man.....shit has me feelin niiiiiiice

  19. He's not. He makes videos all the time of him and his crew smoking. Never just wiz sittin in his room alone, smoking, and posting on GC.

  20. hahahaha.....
    im pretty sure there ppl on this site who can smoke him under the table
    when i smoke its usually by myself...only time i smoke with ppl is on weekends if someone comes over

    besides i like smoking by myself....good meditation

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