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how much weed can you physically carry?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 3, 2011.

  1. i don't mean legally. I mean physically. Assume the person is just wearing a t shirt and jeans with normal pockets. How much weed do you think they could physically carry?
  2. nick or dime.
  3. Just using pockets?.. Between the side pockets and rear I'd say 3 ounces, possibly 4. with average
  4. Bunch in your pants in the t shirt and fill erry pocket full
  5. over 9000 oz.'s
  6. You could easily carry a qp on you if yOu wear khakis with cargo pockets and a jacket with alot of big pockets. I have quite a few jackets with 8-10inch deep pouckets and 8 inch wide openings. Or i could wear my 686 jacket and the pockets are huge and theres litteraly like 7 pockets. But i would smell from a mile away

  7. What?

    I could probably carry about 4-5 ozs but i would look rediculous. Without looking dumb i could carry probably about 1 or two oz. That would be if your just wearing some cargo shorts and a tee shirt.
  8. lol not counting taping shit to you... probably a qp, maybe hp, maybe a whole one in like 4 bags in diff pockets lol..
  9. as much as i want
  10. What ever you are thinking of doing don't do it OP.
  11. Cargo pants : like 3 pounds.
  12. Well if were completely throwing stealth out the window I could hold like 3 bricks or more under each arm , not even considering pockets. Id say you'd easily be able to carry atleast a few pounds
  13. I would take a down jacket, take out the down, and fill it up with weed.

    So not only would I be carrying several pounds of weed on me, I'd be warm while doing so
  14. what 9000!?!?!?
  15. yeah i can tell me and reybarden went to similar bud school we learned the way of the stoner well i can carry 9000oz as well fairly easy actually
  16. I've seen illegals carry like 80 pound parcels on their backs well it was on border wars but still I'm guessing alot

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