How Much Watering Outdoor?

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    Hello there Growers,
    Yesterday I was out in the woods planting 5 Early Skunk, and 10 Guerrillas Gusto, mainly because I'm from Denmark.
    I planted all the seeds in buckets which is 12L buckets. I filled the buttom of the buckets with Lecastone, to absorb the water, and made some holes in the bottom. Then I filled the rest of the buckets with a mix of Lecastone and Sphagnum Earth (fertilized).
    I planted the seeds 2cm from the top of the eath and gave them some water, just to hydrate the earth.
    I was out looking today, and the earth still looked hydrated and fine.
    But I was wondering how much I should water them? Its been really sunny and windy today, with 20celcius. [​IMG]
    Someone who can help me explaining a little about how I should do?
    I know you have been hearing this alot, but sorry, me no good english ;-)

  2. Water when the soil is dry.
    I usually stick my finger in about 3-5 inches and if it is dry enough I water.
  3. Depends on how hot it is outside, amount of direct sunlight, drainage of medium, size of pots and all that good stuff. Just water when they look like they're thirsty. But if you HAVE to have a schedule, every 2-3 days would be good if your area is hot. But don't just water right away even if it's watering day, check the soil first as to not overwater. And Cannabis likes to have the soil go dry for a little in between waterings so keep that in mind.
  4. Alright fine, thanks for the help :)

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