How much water do you use?

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  1. I've had the rain water my plants lately... but it hasnt rained in a couple of days and now my plants needed watering. I only had a water bottle (16.9 oz) on me because they were relatively moist the day before and I didn't plan on watering, but my real question is how much water do you usually use/plant
  2. use ur finger if the top soil feel moist dont water if its dry water
  3. I usually water my plants every 3-4 days, depending on if it rains or not.

    I give them a gallon of water for 7 plants, but they are fairly small and in 3-4 gallon pots, so you might need more if they are in bigger pots.

    You cant really over water them in one watering if you have holes in the bottom of the pots, but if you water them every day till they drain, your plants wont be doing too well..

    But yeah, use your finger, if the soil is dry about an inch down, you might want to water them.

    Just use a decent amount of water, and check on them enough and you shouldnt have a problem..
  4. I sticka finger in my soil and check if the soil is moist and water if its dry. usually in bloom your plants are larger and drinking a lot more so remember to check more often
  5. Thanks for the replies, and I'm in the ground as well... so i'm not sure if itd be different than pots?
  6. I'm in 5 gal grow bag indoors... and 1 plant drinks around a gal every 2 days or so
  7. I think the ground needs more water, because I got one plant that I put in the ground for shits and gigs and its always droopy and looks like it needs water like a day or two before I water the plants in pots.

    I guess it just depends on how moist your ground is though..
  8. At the moment I'm giving about 1-2 liters every 2nd day getting expensive in nutes :)

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