How much vaped weed?

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  1. how much vaped weed would i need to smoke to get a good buzz? I know it depends on tolerance and shit but how much do you need to get high? I would cook with it but I don't have my own place.. :/
  2. It also depends on how much the weed has been vaped, but one bowl will usually do the trick
  3. I was thinking about waiting till i have enough to have a huge blunt and rolling it that way so it tastes better
  4. That's going to be a horrible blunt (I think).. If you want to get the most out of it, save up 3 grams and make firecrackers ;) !

  5. I've wanted to make those for a while... Do they smell when you do it? I have a microwave in my room...
  6. If you open up a window I guess it wont be a very big deal :) . You got an oven in that microwave btw?
  7. Nope, i'll have to do it in the oven probably
  8. never put bud in a microwave. also i have about 5 grams of vaped bud. would it b more worth it to save it for when i make brownies with green and then throw that in to add a little to it or make firecrackers
  9. You could just make qwiso. All you ned is iso alcohol, a coffe filer, a strainer, and a pan to let it evaporate. You could easily do the whole process in one night. Then just top a bowl with it. strong stuff.
  10. Roll it up ina joint or blunt. Tastes like how it smells, still will get you high. Throw some kief on too for added flavor. Works fine by me
  11. I'm smoking vaped weed now because I can't buy from the dispensary until my new Drivers License comes in the mail.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Anyways, I'm about 5 snaps deep and it's juuuuuuuuuuuuuust now starting to creep on me. Usually an every day smoker, haven't smoked in 2 days...

  12. you must be vaping your bud a little too much. Or you just have high tolerance.
  13. unfortunately I think both reasons are my problem. :wave:

    maybe if my license takes long enough, the tolerance issue might be resolved. haha.:D
  14. sometimes i vape it again, mainly because i dont vape it thoroughly so theyre is usually is thc left. But mostly just make crippling brownies with canola oil. Smoking just gets me lighted headed, oxy dep im guessing.
  15. If you smoke that shit it will be harsh as all get out and to answer your question.... Id have to smoke a whole truck load. Take madas advice if you plan to do anything really. Unless you have an unbelievably low tolerance and quite a high tolerance for nasty ass tastes and harsh hits.
  16. I have about 3g how much would it take to make 2 good firecrackers
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    This would be for 2 people also...

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