how much u think ill get from this?

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  1. Its my second grow. its regular seed I found and I believe its female?
    Anyways I have it in a gallon of fox farm soil. Im feeding it tiger bloom. And tap water with a little lime juice to make the ph about 6

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  2. Along with it being to early to tell, you haven't given us enough information about your grow to give a guess. What kind of light setup etc are you running?

    edit: i just noticed this gives us the same amount of posts lol
  3. Never mind had to get rid of it.
    I had her under a 105w 65k cfl and a 75w cfl 27k. Foxfarm soil and a 6" inline fan with control for exhaust and passive intake. And the tent was 15"w x 15"L x 3'11h
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    Any suggestions for strain and next lighting set up? I could probaly try and tie it down more next time idk
  5. Bro, that's looking close.. I'd say only 13 pounds, but that's a nice yield for what your setup is!
  6. with 180w of CFL you should get between 1-2oz providing you don't get any major cock ups
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    Thanks jetski! Too bad I had to throw her out maybe she will survive out side I doubt it tho its like 45 degrees out here and been raining for almost 7 days. Do you think it will help if I keep it with only 2700k bulbs insted of the mixed spectrum
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    Mixed spectrum helps with root development. You will see tighter nodes resulting in shorter plants while vegging, and in flower. You can just run the 6400k for veg then swap for 2700k during flower, but running both spectrums will help keep the plant shorter all the way through and will help keep the stretch phase lower than that of just 2700k. If you run only 2700k for veg and flower your plants will stretch a lot during veg and you don't really want that specially if your trying to keep plants away from light in a tight space.

    I normally try to stick with this rule, 3to1 64k to 27k in veg and opposite in flower. But that's just what I like to do. You should check out some LST and scrog threads if your new to that, great tools for every micro grow.

    Edit: I just noticed in your pics you did tie them down, but you have a bit of stretch going on. How close were your lights? With cfls you can keep them atleast 4" away. Even closer with a fan blowing on them. Cfls don't have the intensity of an hps/mh so you have to keep them as close as possible.
  9. when wickedsmoke says "at least 4 inches away", I'm sure he means "at most". you don't want it much further away than that. I mean they will grow at 8 inches away but it's best to keep them within a few inches

    I recently measured the light intensity at the bulb of a CFL at around 110,000 lux. just an inch away this drops to around 100,000 lux. an inch lower and its 85,000. 3-4inches away its down to around 70,000. any further than that and your really wasting your light

    lux is lumens per square metre, it's not the measurement of total light, just the intensity of it
  10. Yes I ment at most 4" away thank you.
  11. Hey I found her again and brought her back shes not looking good at all. I have a 150HPS but I dont know anything about how to make the ballast?

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  12. so what happened you had it too close to your lights? or is that nutrient burn?
  13. If you use many Watts CFL, you need a big cooling fan blowing through the whole area. Not just a small PC fan. A large desktop fan about that size.

    Real desktop fans don't last very long, about 1/2 a year maximum.

    I had so many CFLs, they would overheat within minutes + burn plants without cooling.

    So this is why I use LEDs now.

    CFL max. 100W without forced cooling.
  14. I have a 6" fan the thing sounds like an airplane taking off so I have the speed controller to about 25% power
  15. I have no idea whats wrong with it. I had to put it out into the woods and it got pretty flooded due to a lit of rain. But I found it again and put it back in the tent
  16. Maybe not enough nitrogen? Sort of looks like an N defiency. Leaves yellowing and dieing. Could be a number a things. Are you adding any nutrients? Are you PH'ing your water and run off?
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    Im not checking the ph run off but I am checking the ph water is 6.0 how can I fix it if its a nitrogen problem and I was feeding a cap full of fox farm tiger bloom and big bloom but I havent in about 2 weeks
  18. Here's what it looks like now. I'm not sure how old it is

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  19. What she looks like now. How much longer you guys think?

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  20. You might be half way through flower.. Maybe a little more then that. Hard to say since the pistals haven't even began to retract and it doesn't look like it will anytime soon. When the pistals retract you will see the bud swell. Then you can start looking at trichomes if you have a scope. If you dont have a scope then normally when the majority of the pistals of receeded and have turned redish brown it will be about time to harvest.

    Is this your first grow? When the bud swells you can start flushing periodically after your done feeding. If your going to judge the harvest time off of the pistals color keep in mind the plant will continue to shoot out new white hairs untill the plant dies. So just look over the majority of the plant. If this isn't your first time then you probably new all of this info already. Hope I was helpful.

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