how much trouble am i in?

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  1. a couple friends and I got caught with bud down at the beach. we just got in the car to go get some food when a cop pulled up behind us and came up to the driver window. he ended up searching the car and found some bud and two pipes. both the bud and the pipes belonged to my friend who owned the car but the officer charged all three of us with possession and paraphernalia. I haven't been smoking weed for awhile bcs i plan on leaving for the usaf, so a couple days later i passed a drug test to prove i was not smoking. my court date is the 22nd which is like 12 days away do you think ill be charged or will they be dropped? my one friend that was with us is still a minor and he passed a drug test and they dropped the charges against him. I hired a lawyer and he seems pretty optimistic about everything but i guess thats his job, so i just wanted to see what some people think? I'm scheduled to leave november 17 assuming the charges are dropped, should i be looking at another career path or do u think I'll be good? also the cops excuse for coming up to us was that the dome light was on, but thats pretty lame considering when you get into a car the dome light comes on automatically
  2. Oh no! Your going to jail for life buddy better get cozy with the guys to get a head start:love:
  3. Well what was his reason for searching you guys? If you passed a drug test a couple days after this and it's your first mix up with the cops don't worry about it, it will be dropped or you'll have community service at worst.
  4. I hate nubcakes.
  5. When you say USAF do you mean usa?

    do you need a drug test to be positive to leave the USA? o_O -plans on going to london in december
  6. Or the United States Air Force..
  7. I assume he means Airforce?
    Man, dpends on what state you're in and what Judge you get on the day, but you should be fine. Make sure you suit up and say sir lots.
  8. Your going to be thrown into a correctional facility for the mentally disburbed where you daily duties include dissecting cockroaches and eating garlic.
  9. You won't be in any trouble. I'm suprised they're even making you goto court.
  10. Lawyer up.

    I don't know why this is a complicated issue. Any interaction with the law enforcement system requires a lawyer to avoid problems.

    $300 for a lawyer, you get to leave for the USAF no problem because he represents you in court, charges are dismissed by patriotic judge, enjoy foreign tang when stationed overseas.
  11. you might get charged with frequenting
    which is being in an area where illegal substances are being used

    it wont be anything major though
  12. thanks for the kinda hoping i get thrown in a mental institution and dissect cockroaches tho that would be quite the life i don't think i would complain if that happened i mean after awhile i might even learn the capabilities needed to survive a nuclear fallout then i will king of the cockroaches nice post bro

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