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How Much Trouble Am I In?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokteza, May 25, 2013.

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    So got arrested last night in colorado all misdemeanors but heres the run down
    possession of 2 oz or less
    possession of 2 Oz or less of marijuana concentrate
    and drug paraphernalia 
    and a traffic ticket
    what do you think is going to happen? anyone else from colorado get a DUI from marijuana? 

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    Not sure because I live in PA, but expect some hefty fines and what not. How old are you? That matters because of the legalization in CO, you're age could hurt you or help you with the bud charges.
    And check out for laws and penalties for Cannabis in your area.
  3. im only 19 so i guess add another charge on there as minor in possession man i cant even think straight right now
  4. DUI=DUI, doesn't matter that it's for MJ. As in, you're fucked.
  5. no shit???
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    Please report back OP. 
    edit xD
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    Not necessarily. He said they were all misdemeanors, a drunk driving DUI is a felony. 
    OP - You can probably get out of the DUI. I don't think the law has even gone into effect yet. But they made the law so you can contest it in court even if you were at/above the 5/mg limit and still win your case. 
    I bet you're looking at atleast a year of probation with some fines. Lol there's no way you'll have to spend $8-10k on this don't listen to that guy. 
    i hope so this is my first real offence for anything like this.
    i dont know if this will help or not i know in alot of cases cops don't need to read you your rights but the officer that arrested me did not read me my rights all he said was i can choose to take the blood test and if i don't i lose my license for 1 year. 
  9. Talk to a lawyer. Search the net or open a phone book and start phoning. 
  10. Weird, DUI in PA isn't a felony unless you hurt someone.
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    Lol, felony DUIs in Colorado are only charged in exceptional cases.
    MJ DUI has always been illegal.
    Good luck to OP contesting the DUI charge when he was caught with bud, concentrates, paraphernalia. Plus, the blood test...if OP was toking, he'll likely be above the threshold.
    It's OK OP, this won't cost $8-10k; I'm thinking  more like...tree fitty. Seriously, though, it's paying the lawyers to keep your ass out of jail that'll cost you the big bucks.
  12. oh I have no plan on fighting this haha i already know i cant win. I did the blood test about 4 hours after taking a fat dab so i know im gonna be way over 5 nano grams plus i came clean with with about all the stuff in my car. 
  13. You still need a good lawyer to get the best deal you can.
  14. Youre fine. First DUI is only a day max. They will probably drop the bud charge or give you some kind of treatment.

    It doesnt matter if he read you your rights. That only matters if you admitted something to him. Like if you told him you were high but he didnt read any rights thats not admissible in court.
  15. first and 2nd are misdemeanors third is a felony.
    It will with the huge increase in his car insurance rates.
    If he's smart he'll switch to geico...
    at least in nebraska a first, second, and third offense DUI is a misdemeanor. It becomes a felony after the fourth strike. The weed is easy to get out of with some fines, maybe probation if you're unlucky, but the dui will certainly be at least 9 months probation (or 7 days jail time)  and hefty fines all around
  19. Much trouble you are in.

    its a possession charge for a legal state. I do not see how you could get in anymore trouble than diversion. Though, I don't know about the DUI, in Vermont its a fine and your license is taken for 6 months. Why would you tell the cop you're high?

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