how much toilet paper do you use?

Discussion in 'General' started by AsthmaticStoner, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. For a single wipe? And do you only wipe once and roll out more or wipe it all off with the toilet paper you tore off?
  2. For pee pee? 3 to 4 sheets I guess.

    For other? Probably 5 to 7. Then fold and use again. Quality TP is expensive. Can't afford to be wasteful
  3. Chronic wiper here. I wipe myself of spotless, cause that shit makes me anxious.

    I go through toilet paper pretty quickly though haha

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  4. Get to sheets, fold once and wipe. Fold again and wipe again. Grab 2 more sheets and repeat the process to collect anything left behind. So usually 4-5 sheets

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  5. chronic non-wiper here.........if u cant handal me at my w0rst, u dont desarve me at my besT
  6. Dunno. As much as i need i guess.

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  7. I haven't counted, but probably way too much.
  8. one sheet and i separate the plys, because TP is very expensive.

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  10. 3-4 sheets each wipe. IDK how many wipes... 1 wipe each 3-4 sheets, I get good soft TP, but I also have crohns so i wipe a lot.
  11. Hmmm, what a random thing to ask. My tp usage all depends on what ive been eating, and what kind of disgusting, slimy, smelly creature is going to be fired out of my anus.
  12. when I was a kid I would grab a big handful and just bunch it up and wipe until I was in a public restroom pulling TP like I was starting a lawnmower and a stranger in the stall next to me told me I was using too much and said to just take a few sheets and fold it.

    Thank you kind stranger for teaching me and not raping me.
  13. Lmao

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  14. A bunch. I just roll it off until I have a fistfull and do that maybe 3ish times, depends on the shit.

    I'm not leaving shit on my ass or getting it on my hands.
  15. I use just enough toilet tissue to get my asshole clean. If I leave my asshole dirty, not only does it leave shit stains on my underwear but, as the day progresses my asshole gets itchy from the crusty left over shit attached to my asshole. What a forum this is. So unique.
  16. a whole roll of charmin...its like wiping my ass with angel wings
  17. I would say I use a decent amount and I do need my flushable wet wipes, I just really believe in having a clean and healthy asshole.
  18. I've been using the same beach towel for years now.
  19. Living out on the streets in a van will do that,
    Howdo you find a place to plug in everynight to fire up your plant lights August
  20. I enjoy a fine bidet. 
    Did you know Mexicans consider Americans somewhat dirty for not using bidets? I didn't but I also had to take a foreign language and learn it from someone who studied abroad there. Damn she was fine. 

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