How much to spend on gas?

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. How much is it there?
    What kind of car / gas milage do you get?
    How much do you spend a week?

    The cheapest around me (Athens, GA) is $1.37. About a week ago I thought $1.47 was good.. ouch. I drive a Honda Accord V6, so I don't get but 19-23 MPG. I drive to school, college actually, everyday, two time a day twice a week, and it's about.. a half hour drive just to get there. So that's an hour drive up there a back everyday, and a two hour drive up there a back two times a week. And I work just about everyday. That's a 20 minute drive up there, and 20 back. I drive way too much to be a smoker... I remember on Sunday I filled my tank up.. about $19, and I filled up again today, just a little below 1/4 tank, and it took $16.

    I hate gas prices.. whatever happened to $0.95 gas? Fuck gas prices.
  2. I think it was 1.49 the last time I stopped and got some. It goes up and down constantly around here. I always bitch when I wait until the next morning to get gas and it's 5 cents higher. It sucks that it's pretty much a necessity for us.

    There's an old gas station about ten miles down the road that has been out of business for about 5 or 6 years and the sign says .79/gallon. I'd get out of my car and dance if the prices went down to that again!
  3. well in Scotland and most of the u.k.......we have to pay approx £4 a gallon........that's about $6-7 a gallon..........petrol here would cost 20pence a litre if it wasn't for the govt's 60pence tax per litre...............i get approx 48 miles to the gallon, in a 1.3 litre car........Peace out.......Sid
  4. $1.47 a gallon on Monday when I filled up. I have a 93 Civic LX (1.5l if you don't know all the trim level engines) and I get anywhere between 25 and 38 mpg depending on if I drive around or only drive when there's no traffic and go on the interstate. I also only have a 10 gal tank in my car, but I fit 10.13 gallons in there on Monday. Got about 360 miles on a tank before I filled her up, tho.
  5. I drive a chevy blazer that gets ass gas mileage at around 15mpg...gas here in Oregon was upwards of two dollars not too long ago, the station that I usually buy from went to 1.99, but as autumn approaches its getting cheaper, right now its down to around 1.69/gallon...With a 20gallon gas tank my blazer can cost me upwards of 40 bucks a fill up

  6. What happened to the van of death there Nubs? :D

  7. Yeah, where's the Ice Cream Man Van?????
  8. still have it, the kia sedona, but i have my blazer for work..doesn't matter though, my kia is just as much of a gas hog as the blaze

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