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How much to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jt233, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. The title may be a little misleading since I couldn't think of one to describe this post. I will try to make a long story short. I first tried weed about 5 years ago but only took a few hits and didn't feel much of an effect so I didn't do it again until about sometime late last year when one of my best friends asked if he could come over and asked if he brought some weed I would smoke. And have been doing it ever since. I don't smoke everyday. Usually he will smoke me out if I come over and on occasion when I can afford to spend the money will buy from him or his friend who is also his dealer. Its a great setup they both live in the same apt complex so when he need's to pickup he doesn't have to go far at all. When I'm at my friends place we usually smoke a bowel once every few hours and sometimes we will go to his friends place to smoke and play some video games. Usually when we smoke there we will hit a couple of bowls and sometimes we will light a blunt. Sometimes I see people on this forum talk about smoking a gram or more in one session and I know that we don't smoke nearly that much. I do get pretty high and can feel it in my head and I'm usually feeling happy but am not so high that I forget things or am completely stuck I can always bring myself from being high if I need to focus on something important. I wan't to experience getting truly baked and wanted some experience from other users if what I am smoking is a good amount or how much I can smoke in a session?
  2. damn... if your smokin less than 1 gram.. then your missin out buddy, i was smoking 3 bowls EVERY DAY before school when i was in highschool.. lol but aayyee.... people are different man.. some people get high of off 18394738789 million hits... some poeple will get high of 1 hit...
    just smoke out of bongs/pipes that'll get you the highest...or if you wanna go buy a vape...
    always share your bud.. and never be the anoying guy...
  3. That's what I thought lol. Don't really have the money to smoke that much weed all the time So I guess that's the main reason to stretch it out but I still want to try smoking more and getting alot higher.
  4. Comes down to quality and/or quantity mate. It sound's like you're doing everything right as far as inhaling and so forth goes. So it really comes down to just getting either really dank buds or just smoking till you can't smoke no more. Don't green out of course:smoke::cool:
  5. Just keep taking hits even if you dont feel like it
  6. Keep hittin til you feel it, then take a couple more
  7. make sure you eat before you try this though. if you don't you have a higher chance of "greening out" which is when you get pale and very sick but are so high you can barely walk but are too ick to enjoy it. almost feels like you oded on something but you'll be ok and won't die, if this happens just lay down and chillax.

    probably smoking a gram of some good dank bud by yourself will get you toasted, maybe even .5. just smoke your bowl/bong untill you get a crazy head change and enjoy! happy toking bro!:smoke::smoking::bongin:

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