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How much to get two begginners high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by k1411, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if a gram is enough, to my knowledge a gram is about 3 bowls right? How many hits would be in a standard bowl? And how many hits to get high?
  2. A gram will definitely be enough. And a gram is about four bowl packs.
  3. A bowl each will get you going easily
  4. for a first timer they are only going to need like 4 hits if its good weed
  5. I've been smoking for years and one good rip of my bong on some dank and im flyin.

    A gram should be more than enough.
  6. I know a few that have gotten high just by standing near me.;):smoke:
  7. A gram is way more than 3 bowls, I don't know what the fuck you guys are smoking out of. I would roll two skimp blunts with it. Passing the blunt around will get your friends ripped.
  8. 3 whole marihuanas
  9. It can be 4-5 bowls. My small-ish bowl on my pipe fits .2 grams not ground. Most def enough for 2 beginners. You guys can probably get high two to 3 times off that.
  10. 2 lung-full hits should get them really high. If your weed isn't that great, then 4 lung-fulls would have them flying in space. A gram is way more then enough. I smoke 1-2 times a week and about .4 got me and my friend pretty high the other day. Of course we kept upping the dose until 2 grams was smoked.
  11. Marijuana affects people differently it would be very challenging to give an exact amount. However, if you are both new to smoking no need to be hero's take a couple rips each and ease your way into it. A lot of people get turned off from smoking because they try and over do it. Let's face it the herb is meant to be enjoyed so just roll up a joint or smoke a bowl and take a couple of rips each to get started then if you feel up to it smoke some more.
  12. A gram will be enough to get you two stoned a couple times.
  13. A gram will certainly do it. You will probably both be super baked after a bowl or two if you inhale and light properly.
  14. Break a gram into 4 nugs(this is wat u put in the bowl) and you smoke 2 nugs while your friends smokes the other 2 nugs. And 1 nug would last quite a while, so you'll be gucci.
    Just dont overthink it, inhale the smoke, and have a awesome sesh :p
  15. If they inhale it right, hopefully. And Overdosing on weed sucks lol, but yeah a .3 gram for each of yous should get you high and it's your first time you'll be so happy. My first time getting high, i was laughing at everything for 1 hour, then started playing football with a legit football team and felt like i was ganna go hard and tackle them hard. I ended up catching the ball, spinning around a blocker and scored a touchdown and did a crazy touchdown dance xD
    Hope your first time is just as enjoyable if not better.:bongin:
  16. **Facepalm** Please go to the search bar and type in "Can you overdose on cannabis?"

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