How much time till harvest?

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  1. Hey Guys, this is my first outdoor grow and I was wondering if you could tell me how much more time should I wait till I harvest. These are ron burgundy strain. I checked the trichomes and just am not sure if they are a milky white or just a little cloudy. Very few are amber, some are kinda clear, and I even see some that are green? My intention is to get a good head high and from what I have read, they should be milky white. Since I can't show them, I am wondering if you guys think they are close to ready by looking at the grown plant? I figure 1 more week but I do not want to miss that window and go more into a body high. Very new to this so I am learning. Thanks for any advice.

    Also, close to harvest, how often should I water them?



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  2. Id wait till I didnt see any clear trichomes and almost all were cloudy and some amber.

    Atleast another week maybe 2.

    a few of my plants are where yours are at now (trichome production anyway) I quick dried 2 buds smoked them, they didnt do much. (60% white, just a few amber the rest clear)

  3. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking the same thing but you confirmed it. 2 weeks and it should be perfect. Thanks.

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