how much thc in the plant?

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  1. how much thc are in the plants that you can buy off this site?
  2. I am confused....are you talking about the THC in the plants people grow on this site, or seeds from SeedBanks?

    In general, THC amounts varies greatly.

    Some of the most strains with the highest THC content from from the "white" family. Strains such as "White Widow" & "White Rhino"

    "Jack Herer" is also supposed to have over 20% THC.

    But if you are looking for the highest THC count as possible, then you need to take a look at Hashish derivatives such as Hash Oil, & Jelly Hash, which have been purported to be as much as 60% THC.

    Not for the lightweight.

  3. This question almost just creeps me out.
  4. some plants only have 15-20% thc on the plant is this enough to get you high or a waste of money?
  5. i'm almost thinking he's asking how much THC is in the stems and leaves. The stems and leaves have very little THC compared to how much is contained in buds. Typically no the stems and leaves are not enough to get you high.

    You're gonna need to be more descriptive with what you're asking bro
  6. noob question

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  7. naw i aint smokin the leaves and i wanna kno if the bud itself has enough THC to jus get you blew out
  8. if you're asking if there are people on this site grow really good weed, then yes, yes there are.
  9. ok basicly im sayin is the plant real and will it get you high when you smoke it or is it just like a hemp plant or somthin
  10. No its dank

    buy all of it

  11. think would just be enough to get you where you want to go brother:)probably further;)

  12. 15% is more than enough to get ya high.

    I called Crystal Seeds in Canada to get info. They said the strongest strain they had was White Russian, and it was around 21% THC. I did more research on google and made a few more international calls, and found that that's about as high as it gets. Some said they had 22%. But all in all, I couldn't find anything that said they was a strain out there with a higher content than what the seed banks had told me.

  13. There is absolutely no way a seed bank can determine how much THC will be in your buds ..... there are way too many variables.

    It certainly helps to start with good seeds or clones, but they are no guarantee. Bag seed, grown by an accomplished and focused gardner, will often be better bud than name brand heady genetics poorly grown by someone with less knowledge ......... If you want great smoke , then learn how to grow great smoke.

  14. a plant needs roots, stems, leaves, vascular tissue, and all it's intracellular stuff in order to even live. Taking all this stuff into account if you've got a plant that is 20% thc (so that leaves only 80% of it for everything else) then you've got a very potent plant.

    How'd you even measure the potency anyway? it 20% by volume, 20% by fresh weight, 20% by dried weight, or what???

    Also, you can't buy plants off this site.
  15. It was a reseach study that was done. So ah.....yeah, they know. Try google before jumping to conclusions, you'll find it. Or you can call Crystal Seeds yourself.
  16. Possibly they test it like this.

    If you take a drug test. There is a percentage of THC in your blood stream. If you know your starting point, then take a controlled hit of what you are testing (the bud itself, hash, etc. whatever you make you control of), if you have another blood test after, knowing the amount of time it takes for it to hit the blood stream, you can calculate the amount entering from that one hit of the control.

    The drug tests the military gives provide an amount of the drug in the blood stream. That means, when you take a piss test and it gets sent off, if you piss hot it come back to your comand with not only a label saying you pissed hot, but it shows how much of the substance was in your system when you took the test. So this technology has been around for a while if they use it.

    Either way, it's tested somehow.
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    Bingo, I found it.

    It's in this PDF. Scroll done to methods and read. It says how it's calculated. The whole thing is a good read though. It explains a case study in THC content for different regions. Some it will be jibberish if you aren't science savy, but basicaly it explains the scientific procedure. Google is awesome.

  18. You are still missing the most important factor in THC values ..... the conditions in which the plant was grown !!! How can a seed retailer make predictions based on the "X" factor of "Who is the Gardner?"

    I have no doubt that there are testing methods to determine potency .... but for a beginner to be focusing on supposed THC percentages of their seeds is definitely putting the cart in front of the horse.

    I do agree that Google is a great tool, but unless paired with common sense and good practicalities its all just words.

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