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How much THC does each smoking method save?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by oomfga, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. I've been hearing stuff about a joint retaining 28% of the THC in your weed, a bong 78% and a vape like 92%. What about other ones? Does anybody know roughly how much other methods use?
    The ones I would most want to know is pipe, waterfall bong and gravity bong :D
  2. I really have no clue but I think the reason joints are so inefficient is because they burn way hotter than bowls thus destroying a good portion of the thc before it gets to you. Anything that uses a bowl (waterfalls, bubblers, pipes) should be the same as a bong except bongs get you higher because you can take massive hits.

    Man I really wanna try some budder out of a vape. Nearly 100% straight to the brain. That shits gotta be intense!

  3. Man all those things you listed are MYTHS no one knows that shit. A chillum will get you high. Joints and blunts dont work as well bc they are on fire the entire time so half of the shit burns up while your holding it.

  4. pretty sure they're not myths and that they have been researched a good deal
  5. I wish someone would post scientific data. I looked for more then an hour and couldn't come up with anything other then post. The number that the OP included seem to have came from a TV show called "The man show". Which they didn't describe how they came to this conclusion. I only smoke out of chillums, so it's not that important to me,yet it would be nice to know the scientific studies behind this conclusion.
  6. idk but a joint/blunt can be higher or lower depending on how you smoke and how its been rolled. the looser it is the more smoke will be coming off the end and smoking. the less hits you take the less high you get and the more you take the higher youll get so it really depends on how you roll and smoke.
  7. I seem to get as high off my joints compared to how high I get from my bong rips.

    0.5g in a joint = 0.5g in a spoon = 0.5g in a bong

    I doubt that only a certain amount of THC comes from each of the methods, but that's only from personal experience.

    By all means, continue to argue that my joint won't get me as high as my bong. Either way your gonna have to speak up since I can't hear that well while I'm up in the trees and your on the ground.

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