How much solution dose your plant drink in one day

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  1. Yesterday I transplanted my girl from a 5 gallon bucket to a 17 gallon tote. This morning my Rez was down 4 gallons in 18 hours. Usually she drinks 1-2 gallons a day. Granted mine is outdoors and gets full sun. What are yours drinking?
  2. I'm indoor in 5 gallon and any "big" plant I have grown (amnesia Haze, Chocolope) will drink close to 2 gallons a day... your growing a tree, mine are plants! lol

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  3. Indoor or out doesn't matter.... I outgrew 5 gallon buckets and moved to 17 gallon totes indoors. 2 plants completely fill a 4x4.
  4. Yeah my one is 4x4 on its own. How much do they drink
  5. Mine should be by itself, but I don't wanna. Honestly, I don't pay attention to how much they drink. Probably a couple gallons a day?
  6. Since you are outdoors, it's going to depend on the outside temp, RH as well as the strain. The higher the ambient RH, evaporation (transpiration) slows - even at high temps.

    My 6 indoor RDWC plants at full flower take about 50 gallons a week at 50%RH and 82 degrees.
  7. It's not likely to have "drank" more in 1 day due to a bigger rez. There's some other explanation. The plant would need more roots and leaf surface area to drink more - and it wouldn't have gotten that in 18 hours.

    Was your weather different?
  8. Tiny, slow leaks can also add up in a hurry. Are you positive on all your connections?
  9. he Rez isn't bigger the root chamber with lavarocks is bigger. Conditions haven't changed besides that. I don't know RH because I'm unable to control it.
  10. No leaks 100% positive. I did accidentally brake a lower limb off. And broke some roots.
  11. That what I meant by Rez - the pot that it's in. Tha alone wouldn't make it drink more unless it was horribly root bound before. But being DWC, it's not. Also being DWC, those roots get all the water they can take up.

    It's a function of root surface area, leaf surface area, temp and humidity.

    There's a different reason that they drank double in less than a day than they ever have.
  12. It's not a dwc it's a 24/7 micro mist. Water drains right back to the Rez.
  13. Well - the point is the same. Unless for some reason they couldn't get the water that they wanted before - which it sounds is not the case - then just because they're now in a bigger pond won't make them drink faster. It's almost like - a bigger gas tank won't make your car faster. Im not at all saying that they didn't drink more - but there's a different reason. Once the roots grow into that bigger container then there's more root surface area, which makes more leaf surface area - then they'll be drinking more because of the bigger pot.
  14. I know I was just thinking maybe it drank so much because I broke a limb off and lost some roots. It then became stressed and drank a lot.

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