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How much soil for a plant,

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by jclegg, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, :hello:
    I'm starting to plan my first organic outdoor grow
    Saved some recipes for the soil but I'm wondering how much soil do you approximatively use per plant?
    I was considering to grow about 10 plants, in a 6 liters pot before planting them in the soil, so 6*10= 60 liters(15.9gals) just for the pots then I was thinking to use the double to add to the native soil, 12l per plant so 15.9+32gals in total for ten plants is it too much? not enough?

    thanks for the help :)
  2. I used like 80 litres for my plant
  3. 80 litres of your own organic soil for only one plant?
    wow I was expecting way less...
    or is it 80 with the native soil mixed? if yes of much % of native soil did you add bro?
  4. I used all bought soil but should have mixed half n half because its way too expensive doing that haha
  5. Yeah that would be so expensive lol
    thanks for the answer man,
    I'm counting 20/30l of my soil per plant, we'll see how it goes hope it's a realistic estimation
  6. More soil is better,I live in northern canada and grew in 7 gallon grow bags,I used pro mix hp and mixed in worm castings,kelp meal,bone meal,lime,bat guano grow and one shot for veg,had 34 plants got a qp per plant,so IDE recommend 10 or more gallons of soil per plant,it's expensive but u can reuse it for many seasons.the pros use 65 gallon smart pots some go up to 200lol,that's how u get 7 to 10 pounds per plant.
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    expensive and heavy as hell....
    Im shooting for 20 plants 2 cubic ft per plant half super soil mix and native soil.
    Roughly 7.5gal each or 28L... this is going to be an extreme challenge to get all my soil in place.
    1gal/3.7L of soil weighs about 12lbs/5kilos give or take depending on moisture and density.
    Ill have to carrying 15 gal/56L is roughly 168lbs/76kg just for 2 holes.
    So far I managed to save up enough for bout 8 holes but I have a long way to go.
    Im starting to consider just doing 10... time will tell

    my math is just crude estimates im no math teacher
  8. Outdoor growing is alot of back breaking work,and u get what u put in,u could probably take all ur soil and grow 3 or 4 plants,you will end up with same amout of weed give or take.
  9. I grow in raised beds. Each bed is 3'x3' and six inches tall. To fill each bed the first year I buy about six bags of Kellogg Patio Plus organic potting soil. I believe they are 1.5 cubic feet bags and cost about $4 a bag. So that would be about nine gallons for around $25.00. I mix a cup of dry fertilizer into the bed about twice a year. I average 2-3 pounds per plant a year. Starting in March and finishing in November.
  10. Im getting a pallet(62) of fox farm ocean forest and 25 65 gallon smartpots I might get a 100 or 150 gallon not sure tho

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