How much size do buds lose after drying?

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  1. I have 4 gangly plants that are going to throw me much more than I had hoped for. :)

    I'm asking about how much buds shrink after drying, because well, I've never seen fresh, un-dried buds. I'm just thinking ahead and wondering how much it's going to turn out to be.

    Also, some of the hairs are starting to turn brown. The original pistils (used to sex the males and females...i dont know what the official name is) have turned brown. Each bud has maybe 5 pistils where the very tips are brown. How much longer do you think it will take for 75% to turn brown so I can harvest?
  2. no idea on the time for harvest... depends on strain and flowering time and how long theyve been flowering...

    as for "shrinking" im pretty sure the buds dont actually shrink, but they loose around 70-75% of theyre weight aparently once theyre dry.. thats what ive been told anyway..
  3. you will lose a little bit of your buds weight, cause when you dry the buds, you dry the water so therefore your making it lighter, but nothing serious.
  4. I know about losing weight, was just curious about the size of the buds. I'm just trying to figure out a ballpark estimate of how much I'm going to have. Like I said, they are gangly and not all that large.
  5. You will lose a BIG bit of your bud´s weight. About three quarters of the original weight is lost on drying.
  6. This thread is about size loss though :confused_2:
  7. So how do you define ´SIZE´ ??
  8. I know this is an old thread but I have to answer anyway. He means size by how much physical space they take up. How big they LOOK, not the weight. They shrink quite a bit from their original size. If you start off with a whole rack of drying bud, the rack will only look half full when it's dry. So if it looks like 10 oz, it will be more like 5.
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  9. About 75 percent
  10. Between 60%-75% depending on your luck lol
  11. Thats a damm shame, .................aint it ? :eek:

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