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How much should you mist your plants?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Ganjalovin, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. I have been keeping my plants in a room with the humidity at 65%, the plants are in their early vegetative stage and i have been misting them with just water once a day. Im wondering how much you should mist or spray your plants and what are the benefits of doing this?
  2. Are these plants clones or seedlings I dont mist any thing but clones and I only mist them until they root. If your room is at 65% thats a little high for veg you want it to be between 50/60%.
  3. They are seedlings. So i should not be misting them? I have been reading the Marijuana grow bible by Jorge Cervantes, and everything i have read in there tells me to keep the plants in 60 to 70 % humidity in veggie stage and then 40 to 60% humidity during flowering.
  4. I love that book Im pretty sure its 50/60% but you could be right. Yeah man no misting for the seedlings they should be ok how far along are they?
  5. Its almost been 2 weeks since i planted them, 3 weeks since germination. They are growing like crazy and have a good amount of leaves on them. maybe i should take pics. Are there any stages of life you should spray or mist them, besides when your cloning?
  6. The only reason you mist clones before they root is well they dont have roots they have no way to get water up the stem and to the leaves. Folar feeding would be the only reason to mist your well rooted plants.
  7. ^^^ That is true. I have mine vegging about 40% humidity i'd say, and made the mistake of misting them a few times a day, they ended up drooping a LOT, and their leaves were turning yellow & brown...I think you can overwater if you mist them alot, so be careful.
  8. Great good to know. I noticed my leaves drooping after i had sprayed them a good amount, i just was not sure it was because i had been spraying them.

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