How much should weed cost in south west london ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Teddingtontoke, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Atleast a pound.

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  2. No more than 25-35 quid. Depending on quality and the locations supply. You gotta get in with people who know growers

    Per eighth sorry. Not per gram. If I were in London I wouldn't pay more than 7-10 pounds a gram
  3. Pre-Brexit gram to pound ratio should lean towards golden standard.

    Post-Brexit gram to pound ratio should be 1 : 10

    I live in the US and this is perspective of economic growth.
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  4. How long is a piece of string?
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  5. £7-£10 a gram? Where tf have you got weed in the UK from at £7 a gram?? Everyone charges £10 a gram in the UK, £25 for 8ths £45 for Q's
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  6. Agree on the 10 a g, that's now a standard (I miss the old 1.7 for 10) but the other stuff will vary
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  7. Never been, but I've got some buddies scattered around England and they say their dealers charge £7 a gram normally. And 25 an eighth is about 7 pound a g if you do the math

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  8. shit i pay 60 for a Q of mids
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  9. Trust me no where in the UK Sells weed at £7 a gram it works out £7 a gram when you buy in bulk but no one sells just grams for £7..

  10. Brexit won't effect the price of weed here as alot of people grow it then sell it on..
  11. You have to know the right people to get good prices.

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  12. Hardly you said you've never been to the UK... I have 5 dealers 3 of them grow and they've never sold any lower then £10 a gram hell I know people from all over the UK everyone here pays £10 a gram unless you buy in bulk :confused_2:, even if you can find weed for £7 a gram you won't get a full gram and if you do it would be shit weed :rolleyes:
  13. Alright well calm your shit man. Sorry you can't find bud at prices that people I know can get... is it really that unheard of? Getting a good deal? And if your buddies are growing and selling you for 10 a gram they're not good friends..

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  14. Competition in a booming industry is right above cut-throat level now isn't it?
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    When did I say any of my dealers are my good friends? Seriously search on here "UK weed prices" & you'll see no one sells for £7 a gram Bruh just face the facts your so called "friends" are chatting shit they don't get weed that cheap, you're not even from the UK so
  16. "I know people in the UK"

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