How much should I tip?

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  1. Okay, so I am getting some food delivered to my place and the bill came up to $18. They have these shakes that they are known for, but if you get a shake and food delivered, the shake ends up melting...

    Their food is amazing and unique, but I was unimpressed by my last meal there because of a few certain things, (melted shake, pork belly was improperly fried, sometimes plantains are also not cooked thoroughly).

    With that being said, I have an $18 order, and that also includes their $3.00 delivery fee.

    I think tips should reflect the customers satisfaction, and since you cant try your food with the delivery guy there, you might as well have it be a representation of your last order (at least I think of it that way).

    And extra dollar or two doesnt hurt if they deliver early ect.

    Soo, would $21 be fair considering it's delivered on time?

    I like to make big deals out of small things, and this is just something that I always have problems with, just looking to see what you guys would do. :smoke:
  2. I think I'm a bad person when it comes to tips. In my head I say ''Fuck em I probably won't see them again, why should I tip them for doing their job?'' but then I panic when I see them and tip them anyway..usually 2 dollars, 3 if I'm feeling generous..The only people I honestly don't mind tipping are waiters and waitresses because of their hourly pay.

    Think of tiping as a score sheet.

    Initial tip: 1$
    Early? 1$
    Food intact?1$
  3. Yes, $21 is fair.

    Note, however, that a tip for delivery has NOTHING to do with whether you're satisfied with the food or not in this country. You are tipping the driver for bringing the food. Nothing more, nothing less. The driver rarely makes your food, so he/she has nothing to do with the quality of your food.

    If you weren't satisfied with the food last time, why would you order again? It's not the driver's fault.

    It's a social custom in this country to tip. If you don't want to tip, go pick up the food. If you don't want to tip, and still want delivery, expect your food to be spit in the next time you order.
  4. you know most waiters and waitresses get paid under minimum wage right? my friend made like 4$ an hour because he got tips. so way to be an ass! ;)
  5. Yea, I also noted on there to wrap my shake in aluminum foil to help prevent it from melting.....I wish I wouldn't have to tell them, but some restaurants feel like they can just package any old delivery together and expect it will be the same in an hour when it arrives at someones door. That is most often not the case and I do appreciate restaurants that take extra steps to make sure the food arrives in good condition. But hey, a big ass meal with a nice shake delivered to your door while youve been smoking weed for $20 is nice on a friday afternoon. :smoke:
  6. Read again. I'm sorry if I got misunderstood. I said I actually do not mind at all tipping waiters and waitresses BECAUSE I know how much they make.
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    id hand em a 50 n say keep the change ya filthy, just kiddin
    id give em 25 n say keep it, so thats what like a 4.00 dollar tip on top of the 3buck service charge
    4 bucks on a 20 dollar order...thats 20 percent, not bad
    edit- ope my bad i didnt know the 18 bucks included the 3 dollar that case...they might be gettin a dub and if i have some singles they get that too, if i dont, im not breakin a bigger bill to give them more of a tip.
  8. I like to get multiple impressions from a restaurant really. I have had many bad experiences, but I have had far too many good ones. Unless I order everything or most of the "regulars" on their menu and at different times (busy, not busy), I dont feel like I would be qualified to call a restaurant unsatisfactory. I was.....unimpressed.
  9. Give them a big tip - Say here is a tip, buy a cooler to keep the shakes cold. :eek:
  10. Delivery is pretty basic when it comes to tipping, b/c they don't really give good or bad service. Only part they can fuck up is taking a long ass time to get there. And sometimes even that is not their fault (food took forever to cook, or the food place was very crowded and backed up)

    Servers/waiters on the other hand, I find myself highly critiquing. They have much more areas to fuck up.

    Delivery: should always be about 15-20% in my opinion. No more, no less.
    Waiters: should be about 5-30% depending on many areas of service.
  11. 10-20 percent tip nothing more then $4

    Me, if there was a surcharge I wouldn't tip.
  12. Tip well, because you better believe they'll remember you. Doesn't matter if it's the same driver/server, if you are a shitty tipper they make a point of letting everyone know. Next time they see you in the restaurant or your address on the delivery list, your food is gonna get a little extra something baked in.

    You know what "no tips" spells backwards?
  13. If the delivery fee is $3, he's probably getting at least $2 of it for gas. How far do you live from the place? Factoring for all that, I'd say still, another 3 or 4 bucks.
  14. Meh, it's called not eating out too frequently.

  15. I disagree, your tipping should be based on your overall experience with the establishment. Sure its not directly the driver / servers fault that your food quality isnt up to par, but his actions at work can have a indirect result on the quality of food. I was a server and when I didnt get the tips i thought i deserved I would not only work harder next time, but I would let my superiors know how they can improve to improve the overall quality of the restaurant.

    Don't pay people for what they dont deserve, especially in this economy.

    Being tipped for service is a PRIVILEGE.
  16. Good news!

    My shake isnt melted, and everything looks delicious!

    Gave him $21, he was right on time. If it tastes as good as it looks then I will most definitely be more apt to giving higher tips to this restaurant.

    Haha, gonna go blaze and eat dis shit!!:smoke:

  17. As I said, tipping is a social custom. If you want (relatively) clean food, then you tip. That's all there is to it.

    If you can't afford to tip, then just don't go out to eat, or don't have anything delivered. It's that simple. If you're in a restaurant and receive horrendous service and/or inedible food, take it up with the manager right then and there. The server has nothing to do with the preparation of your food. If the food sat forever ready to be expedited, then that's something you take up with the manager then and there as well.

    It's sad that people have to come up with all these excuses to justify not tipping, when they could keep their ass at home and cook for themselves for cheaper. :wave:

    Don't like the US custom that is tipping? Start rallying for higher food service wages, or cook your own food.
  18. I agree to an extent, but there are certain things that you should never judge a server by. If you food takes a long time to come out, that's the kitchen, not the server. If the food is sub-par quality, that's the kitchen, not the server.

    I can't tell you how many times I've had tables on a Saturday night complain when their food didn't come out in 10 mins like it did last Tuesday afternoon. I always want to say "dude are you serious? you came in on a fucking saturday night, of course your food is gonna take a little while longer because the kitchen is swarmed with orders"

    However, there have been times when I wasn't thinking straight and I rang in the wrong order and brought them out the wrong meal, thus they had to sit and wait while their proper meal was cooked. THAT'S my fault. I deserve to get a lesser tip then.

    But what I'm saying is that most of the time, it's not the server's fault. I'm just the scapegoat because I'm the only one the customers interact with so they just assume everything is my fault. Trust me, if someone's food is taking a long time, I'M the one sweating bullets and screaming at the kitchen.

    And customers have to understand that as servers, we have a bunch of tables to look after. I despise the people that are always tapping their fingers while I'm dealing with another table. They sit there like they own me and all attention should be on them.

    Damn that was long I got carried away....

  19. You have to remember with delivery.

    You pay, then you eat.

  20. Of course. That's why I rarely have anything delivered :p

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