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How Much Should I Take?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sodapopesa, May 31, 2013.

  1. I am an experienced, almost daily smoker with a pretty high smoking tolerance.  a couple days ago I got two weed cookies from a trusted source, she said only eat half of one as they are super potent, I want to eat them at a concert, where I want to be  able to socialize and dance, but still trip out.   I have practically no experience with edibles and want to know if I can eat both and still be able to socialize, or will I be paralyzed and passed out? thanks :)

  2. The best advice you've been given, came from the person who gave them to you!
     No one online will have a better idea of how potent those cookies are, than the friend you got them from. For the next time, just remember that it would be useful for you to know whether your friend thought that half would be 'strong' for an occasional or once-per-week toker, or if it's strong for a daily toker. Or better, find out as best as you can how the butter or oil was made, and how much canna is actually in each cookie! If you ask next time, it will be much easier for you judge how much you'll need. :)
      If you don't have time to get in touch with her again to get a little more info, just try eating half a cookie, and then wait 50 - 60 minutes. If you feel little to nothing, just eat the other half and go from there. :)
  3. The potency of edibles can vary by huge amounts, it matters how much weed was mixed in with the ingredients. Some end up just giving body highs and others will make you trip out for hours, but all edibles generally lead to long lasting highs. I would trust your friend if she says the cookies are super potent. I say eat one cookie an hour before the concert and if you don't feel high enough after 45 min to an hour eat the other cookie. If you do feel high enough I recommend sharing the cookie. It's always nice to have another high friend with you.  :) Have fun
  4. I'd probably just listen to the person who actually made em'. 

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