How much should I sell my bong for?

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    Hey Blades..I'm going to be putting this 18" Luscious model Chong Glass on Craigslist.  Its in new condition was only used for a few sessions.
    My question is how much do you think I should put the asking price on Craigslist.  Your opinions would be appreciated.

  2. is it glass on glass? it doesnt look like it like $10. here you can get a decent sized glass on glass beaker bottom for 30.
  3. Maybe 60

    It's hard reselling glass. I paid a few hundred for my illy and would be surprised if I got over 80
  4. Chong glass doesnt cost $30 bucks haha.

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    id want 80 for that, fuckin sweet if you just wanna get rid of it i would take it i promise to smoke it every single day and keep it clean
    o wait thats a chong i totally wouldn't be selling that on Craigslist i guess i missed the chong part
  6. my bad i dint read it. but yea cheap its pretty hard to resell glass
  7. i'd buy it for 60
  8. Chong glass? The company that steals other ideas then rips them off with low quality stuff by incredible artists
  9. Hahaha. Believe youre thinkin of cheech. Not Chong glass

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  10. Yeah if im correct im pretty sure chong glass is worth a pretty fortune ... if its in real nice condition and hasnt been used much id get some more opinions before chucking it up for sale ... :)
  11. You're absolutely right, haha.
  12. That looks cool lol, I'd drop like $50 for it because I'm a cheap fucker :D
  13. Thanks for the advice. ..yeah chong glass is quite rare now. It was made around early 2003 and as some of you know Tommy Chong went to prison for 9 months for it under operation pipe dreams.

    We are lucky to have a lot of the glass we have today thanks to Tommy Chong. Operation pipe dreams ended up be being a total embarrassment and costing tax payers 12 million dollars.

    It' a fun collectors item to own. What is a better site to sell bongs..craiglist or ioffer? Thx again!

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  14. Ah right, that is what chong glass is, I completely forgot all about that.
    Craigslist is tricky to sell on, I've had every type of pipe/bong I tried to sell flagged and removed. I never mentioned weed, I said it was for tobacco only too.
  15. Might find a collector in some facebook groups. I'm sure you could get more than a lot of these posts are saying.
  16. if its a real Chong piece these suggestions are too low
  17. i got $100 on it
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    Thx for look into facebook or try to find a group.

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    Yeah its a real piece that I got from a former employee. Its hard to see the chong milli but its there.
  20. I was worried about getting flagged on cl..dam

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