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How much should I pay for a Zip of Kush??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kG_Blazed, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Well I've been out of the game for awhile and I'm goin fuckin nuts. I'm gonna start smokin' again...and a lot. I used to pick up an 1/8 or a 1/4 every week or two but I am gonna just start buyin Ounces....mainly cuz I'm goin down to college and the herb down there SUCKS. So I need some help how much should I expect to pay for an Ounce of some Kush?? I'm in the burbs of Chicago...and yah just how much do headies go for by the ounce?
  2. if its real kush than id pay <400
  3. yah have you heard it being done for anything like 320?? or 350?? what about just some good chronic.?
  4. i dono mann, im not in chi town. round here(so flo) if u got the connect than prices like that all day long for the dankest.
  5. The Suburbs of Chicago. I swear have the most expensive prices in the world. It's Normal for a Gram of Mids to be 20$. An Oz of Kush I would pay 350-400.
  6. kush over on LI , NY goes for like 350 400, with the hook ups
  7. $350 or less
  8. 360 is a good price, if it's real don't expect them to go less
  9. i live 3 hours away from chicago and the cheapest we get ounces for is 375 of some good dank.
  10. lol, 200$ canadian for some good bc bud where i live. damn i feel sorry for you guys. your 350 american is like 400 canadian, i get get like 2.5 ozs of dank for that.

    quarter pound of dank (4 ozs) for 600$$. it would cost you crazy fuckers like 90,000$!!!! i know, i overexggerated
  11. 400 an ounce is what i pay for headies like bubblerberry and cali mist and diesal. any higher and ur pushing it, any lower and it prolly isnt real unless grown by a person ur "guy" knows...
  12. $350-$450 depending on areas and quality.

    I pay like $350 for good headies maybe some name strains. $400 for TOP NOTCH headies. It can go higher, I could buy an oz for $500 of some shit that will blow everyone away....but fuck that, im not rich.

  14. cookie please, and put some of your shitty, overpriced, american weed in it and well see if it gets me high :).
  15. i always hear ppl down here in socal about some BC being brought down in weight, the medical co-ops always don't want it and 'BC' is equivalent to beasters down here.
  16. everyone already knows canada has cheaper prices.....

    Why do you think drugs are smuggled to our country from canada and not the other way around?
  17. I dont know why your saying stuff like that, your the idiot who thought "green crack was purple, because its indicia"

    LOL , sounds like your getting ripped off yourself buddy.

  18. Thats the same shit I heard, except I'm out the east coast.......I swear them canadians got the weed game all fucked up sometimes. Because I'm sure everyones seen the super common "beasters", and while I'm sure Canada is cheaper for Kush and the real fire shit, if what I call "beasters" is what Canadians call BC Bud, then I gotta say your BC Bud sucks ass. Try and sell that BC shit to someone expectin real nugs and your liable to get punched in the mouth or sum shit.

    And to that one dude braggin about 200 dollar ounces of that BC Bud, congratulations, that shit goes for 150 a zip AFTER it crosses the border, so why would you brag about BC bud for 200/o? I seen cats on here from Canada talkin about like real piff for under 200 a zip, that would be a deal....but not for some beaster type shit that looks good and smells good but dont get you lifted like real haze or kush does.
  19. While I agree that canadians dont know shit about weed and shouldnt be bashing anything American ever, Id have to say BC bud is a lot better then regular beasters. BC bud is like what some banging dank kb nugs would be. Or some really dank dense beasters. Regular beasters sucks, u gotta get good batches of beasters to compare it to BC.

  20. Oh I feel you on that, but 200 for an ounce of some fire beasters is pretty much average around here, the reg beasters around 140-160 or somethin. It must just be a different name for weed, like around here BC Bud is always beasters, anything better than that is nuggets or a name strain. But no matter how good the BC Bud or beasters is, if you tell someone you got that fire and show up with some beasters (even if they are fire), its not a good situation usualy.

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