How much should I be watering my plant? +moar nutes

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cold Play, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Three Questions:

    1. From the start of the grow I have been very concerned about overwatering. I have been watering my 3 week plant in veg about every 2-4 days with 1 "party cup" full of PH 6.5 water. My plants growth is abit slow. Should I use more water every time I do water? I am not sure how much to use and don't want to drown my plant.

    2. Due to me starting my 2 Afghan Kush's late I am still vegging every plant for the same time period (the 3 week pineapple express will veg for 48 days total and the kush's 30 days). The link below is my nute feeding scedule. Can I start using nutes now on my 3 week plant? If-so how much? Don't want to go overboard... feed schedule.pdf

    3. My other 2 are seedlings should I wait a couple weeks before using nutes with them?
  2. ultimately your plants will tell you when they need water. if the top few inches of soil is dry, water it. if your leaves start to wilt, you need to water.

    amount? i put 1 gal of water per 3 gal of soil.

    3 week plant get handle nutes, start with 1/4 strenth your first time, 1/2 the second, and then the third go full strength

    as for your seedlings, I wouldnt use any nutes till week 2-3
  3. I still have issues with how much water I should turns out twenty three days into flower I have to water every five days..I dumped two gallons of water into a five gallon grow bag and did not see one drop out the bottom..two gallons is a shit all these times I gave one gallon the whole bottom must have been will probably take three gallons to show runoff.
  4. I just water until I get the right amount of runoff. If you don't want runoff go by pot weight to determine how much to water. Lift a full pot with your hand and feel the weight. Then just water until the other pots get close to that weight.
  5. Cannabis does not like to be saturated. I use the above method..pick up one. I also let mine dry out some before I water again. Your plant will let you know via weight I don't find the finger method to good. A inch or two down it might be dry but halfway through it can be very moist. Throughly water when you do but keeping it saturated your plant can die or other issues pretty fast.

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