How much should I be able to get for my piece?

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  1. I am trying to sell my piece to get some extra cash to buy myself a new one. However, I don't really know how much it is worth. It is broken, the area that holds the stem is broken but if I get some non-toxic hot glue and put tape over it it makes it completely air tight and the thing hits great. Its glass on glass. What can I get for it?

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  2. So..the downstem is held in by glue and tape only? the whole joint broke off?

    If thats the large one (which looks to be about 100 new online) you may be able to get $20 for it, but a broken joint like that is pretty bad, and it may be hard to sell that at all...since it is essentially a temporary piece now. That glue will get dirty and wear out and have to be changed frequently, and it will be a big hassle.. But, you may get lucky and find someone who doesn't mind.
  3. $20 is good
  4. Okay that is all I needed to know. I just can't decide if it will be worth keeping it for sentimental sake and just saving up for the new piece seperately or just sell it to get the little extra cash.
  5. uh... thats... interesting.
  6. Message me where you live. Ill buy it for that price if your down to ship..

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