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How much should a gram of weed be?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ahh420, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. I have been spending about 10-15 dollars per gram. depending on what i get it is usually decent weed. not the best. Usually has a couple seeds, or its brown. (but it smells really good)

    I suppose i can get a picture of what i bought recently...that is if i don't smoke the last of it tonight.
  2. i would say that any weed with a distinct brown color is no good. but it depends where you live. in FL you can get cheap mids but by me its 10 a g
  3. Damn really? Hm. I guess I know that now. I really need a new dealer i guess!
    I am just...shy i guess when it comes to asking around. haha.

    I live in VA. near DC. :eek:

  4. i live in nova also, and its $10 a g of mids for me, but i know a few ppl who does 1.2-1.4 for $10 of mids.
    as far as dank goes, its very steep in my area. $25 a g, sometimes $30, but never pay for $30. i did once, but i was desperate.
  5. $10 a gram isn't that bad, don't throw your dealer way too fast. Up here in CT, I can get some middies for $20 per gram.

    You're probably getting low mids or schwag though.
  6. I go to school in dc
  7. Oh cool, So I'm not getting...completely ripped off. =D
  8. That's a bit of a rip off if you ask me.
    Mids should be no more than $10 a gram.
    If that were me, I wouldn't spend $10 for anything less than a gram of mids.
    You should be getting a little extra if it's mids.
    Like 1.2 or maybe a little more if you get lucky.
    You shouldn't spend $15 on a gram of anything but some nice beasters or fire.
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    Grow your own..thats what I did after getting mixed stuff..I caught on quick lol..after buying a few sacks from a friend that I know and getting brown weed one day then some nice green stuff (with seeds though) I ordered some seeds and grew my own..now I smoke some pretty good stuff. I suggest lowryder #2 its dwarf and it went from seed to harvest in 9 weeks..the last plant I grew I got half an ounce out of it.
  10. idk if i should even be posting considering im from a different area but i pay 20 a gram... we all do here unless you got the hookups mad
  11. 25 for 7.5 grams of mids here.
    Why would you ever pay 20 a G for mids, thats alright for dank but damn.
    And if its brown it prolly schwag and no one should be paying more than 10 bucks a dime(3.5 here) for that

    Edit: But maybe your not getting schwag because you said it smelled really good and all the brown seedy stuff iv'e smelt was horrible, mostly the smell was destroyed during transportation im guessin, to get it past a border?
  12. 60 bills for 3.5 grams... one time i was lucky enough to get an eighth for 50$ :D :eek:
  13. 10 dollars a g can go for low quality mids like you are describing....mids never costs 15 a g though.....for 20 you can get a g of some fiinee quality headies. You can't compare dc to virginia though.
  14. we live pretty close, i'm in 703. i can get decent mids with dank hairs but some seeds for $40/fourth, so i'm lovin it
  15. retail where im at is 55-70 an 8th for nugs depending on who ya know...

    as for me i pay

    35 an 8th but obviously not just buying one at a time ;)

  16. Prices are different everywhere, so just because some people here are saying your getting ripped off. Ask around in your area, or your friends that smoke what their prices are. Just because it is a brown color does not mean it is bad bud. Just because it smells really good does not mean it is really good bud.

    Knowledge comes from time in the business.

    Around here its:

    $10/g commercial.
    $15/g mids.
    $20/g dro/kush

    good luck.
  17. lol, i havent seen mids in FL except for that arizona BS.

    mids where i live is $5 a g if and when its around, same as regs prices.

    low grade weed: 5-10 a gram depending on where u live
    mid grade weed: 10-15 a g
    high grade dank weed: 15-20 a g

    it sounds like for what ur getting for 15 a gram i wouldnt pay it. 10 a g at most for what u get.
  18. When you say "commercial" you must mean swag.....there can be commercial headies....in this sense the term "commercial" means grown in large amounts.
  19. Well around here, commercial is low grade, normal, not mids, or dro bud. So yea, shwag, we have our terms, and you have yours.
  20. I gotcha, where you from?

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