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How much reefer can i grow in a year?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by QueDrive, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. I was just wonderin, if i grew one plant and everything went well, like it grew fine and everything, how much dank on average will i get within a year
  2. one plant 4 times a year =120 oz .Thats if everything is very good ,ya may even boost that to 160 oz if ya real good and depending on strain.
  3. ya can keep getting shit off the same plant for the whole year?
  4. OMG thats fucking amazing!!! THATS TEN FUCKIN POUNDS! i was expecting MAYBE one
  5. hi,
    yeah i had kinda the same question, my buds are about to come off now and its just the start of winter, if i harvest now when will the next harvest be?
    P.S im in australia and ur not tripping out haha
  6. Only way to get that kind of amounts from one plant is to grow it first into a big fucking tree and then flower it and harvest flowers and put it vegetative again for a while before another flowering....and even then you need to do everything right, even small errors can reduce yield A LOT.

    For regular growers I would say 10 ounces a year would be excellent result.
  7. Well I was thinking about indoor growing when I wrote that reply.

    If you live in a warm climate and nobody cares about a 8 foot tall pot plant on your back yard, then those mega yields are possible :)

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