how much oxycodone can i sniff?

Discussion in 'General' started by LordHeinich19, May 28, 2006.

  1. without dying... please help... i got the kind that look like asprin and have 512 on the back
  2. if your going to sniff it why dont you sniff it till you get fucked up... that way your tolerancy doesnt go
  3. hes pretty much got it...whatevers clever man
  4. sounds good to me:D
  5. Enjoy!

    The most I've taken is railing two vicoden. It wasn't very smart either, i got a little too fucked up. Hard liquor didn't help either.

    Be careful with this stuff, dude.
  6. no man hes talking about oxycontin.
  7. snorting the ones w. acetominophen is harsh
  8. snort some tylenol you wont
  9. Wow i'm stoned... my bad.

    I definatley spaced on that :rolleyes:

    It IS 2:22 AM to be fair.

    I can't find shit all about dosage on Oxycotin.
  10. I snorted some ocs once, so fucked up
  11. do you have the ones that are like a capsule and have powder on the inside of them?
  12. Oxycodone is oxycotin with acemetaphin. I've got some 10mg codones, and they have 325mg. Honestly, I would just pop them as snorting almost a gram of tylenol just doesn't appeal to me.
  13. Those are perc 5's you should just eat them, not snort em. Take like 15-20mg(if you have no tolerance you might wanna start at 10mg and work up) and youll be set. Make sure you smoke some weed to
  14. haha woah man, i almost totally forgot about this thread! jeez... ya sniffin is not for me... major headache,got a good high goin though... now i have perscriptions for hydrocodones ( what rasta man was talkin about:D) thanks to a recent wisdom teeth removal. i'm gettin them out one at a time so i got plenty of medication to help with the pain...

    you were right rasta man! these little things kick ass:eek: just a few get me oblivious to almost anything, i love it!!! hydrocodone is a good drug!
  15. Okay.. I been googling stuff and I thought I'd share some knowledge...

    What you have is the 512 (percocets) perks. 5mg and most of it is tynerol.

    I wouldn't snort that unless you like snorting tynerol because that's what it mostly is.

    If you ever see the percocets with the M stamped on the back, those things are extremely tiny and I've seen them come in 5mg (white), 15mg (light green), 30mg (dark or light blue). I've also seen 5mg capsules, you can open it and it has a white powder which is very bitter... snorting it can get you high but you get a nasty drip like snorting coke.

    I'm unfortunetly dependent on them... potentially can eat 15, 30mg perks at one time... which gives me a serious high. I honestly really like the feeling... I'm not saying you will be addicted eating some perks or snorting here and there but constant use will definately put you on that path. Trust me, opiate withdrawel is not a fun thing, it might be the worse wirthdrawel symptoms compared to anything else. You get physically addicted.

    I think perks is an excellent pain killer tho, I mean the stuff really works where as the type of person I am, nothing else works... I've tried all different types of pain killers from tynerol, motrin, to all other types of prescriptions medication as well as hydrocodone which is vikadins... I know I spelt that wrong.

    Perks are basically the samething as OC"s which is Oxycodone, Oxycontin I think the samething but OC's I've seen come in a dark green pill shaped like advil or capsule shape. Not a capsule tho it's a pill. I've seen these come in 40mg, 80mg, and 160mg which is blue capsule shaped pill. This can also be snorted.

    Like I said I have an extremely high tolerance so I'd have to eat roughly 3-5 80mg OC's to get a decent high.

    This stuff is no joke and I'm probably going to seek professional help to get off this... sebastians (I know I spelt that wrong) is used to get off Oxycodone\Oxycontin which are orange tabs you can break into quarters or halfs and keep them under you tongue which dissolve. It tastes nasty like orange medicine but... Hey it's better than hurting from the withdrawel. Another thing they use which works really well is Methadone pills which is shaped like wafers. There white and work really well when getting off Oxycodone\Oxycontin... however those are highly addictive as well, funny how they use one drug to get off another.

    Ofcourse all these medications work very well WHEN USED PROPERLY. Which means not abusing them. Taking them as prescribed but c'mon who the hell really does that.

    Anyway it's been a great run and I'm depressed the fact I'm going to stop getting high... I personally have a stressing life with a lot of depressing events in my life and No that's not just an excuse to use drugs but what can I say... I haven't exactly handled my problems very well but this stuff has really punctured a hole in my pocket and costing me a fortune keeping up the habit. It can't be too healthy either haha.

    Good luck man, I saw this post and thought I'd share the info. I prefer eating these pills than snorting... it's all preference but I don't like snorting stuff in general. It hits you faster tho doing that but doesn't last as long.

    Breaking the pills into halfs help to hit you faster and stronger.

    The ones you have 512 percocets are probably the most common ones they give out, I personally think they suck and do nothing for me but for someone who hasn't ever taken opiates, eating 2 or 3 should give you a nice buzz. Just remember unless you eat them on the reg you have no tolerance for it. If you eat a 30mg percocet, I guarantee you'll most likely throw up because your body will reject it and No it won't make you feel like your dying or anything it'll just make you feel nauseas for a short period of time.
  16. That depends, are you up for the challenge?

    sniff 10 pounds of oxycodone in less then 5 minutes you get a free T-shirt
  17. kratom feels as good as 40mg of OC
  18. Well if Oxycontin was wood you would chuck as much as a wood chuck would chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood... Which is none because even a theoretical wood chuck couldn't chuck wood

    No but seriously, dont do Oxy, a year after I graduated from high school I heard one of my former buddies ODed on it. Oxy is just bad news

    Best Regards,
    Indica Kid
  19. guys threads like ... 3 years old ...

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